National Tequila Day 2015: Three cocktails to help you toast the agave

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots. Everybody!

Brett Leppard
Friday 24 July 2015 16:46 BST

It's your favourite day of the year; that's right, it's National Tequila Day. To help you celebrate we've challenged Patrón and 1800 Tequila to give us their best cocktail recipes.

Espresso Martini made with Patrón Tequila

The Espresso Martini

25ml Patrón Silver

25ml Patrón XO Cafe 

25ml espresso shot

Fine sugar


Rim the serving glass with sugar. 
Combine liquors with espresso in 
a mixing glass; add ice, shake, and 
strain. Garnish with powdered chocolate.

1800 Coconut Tequila

1800 Coconut Colada

50ml 1800 Coconut

50ml cream of coconut

75ml pineapple juice

50ml fresh lime juice


First add all the ingredients to the shaker. Then fill the shaker with ice to the top and shake hard for about 7/10 seconds. Strain into a glass and garnish with 5 dashes of cherry aromatic bitters and shaved coconut.

The Classic Margarita

35ml tequila

1/2 lime juice (about 15/20ml)

15/20ml Orange liqueur, depending how sweet you like it


Add all the ingredients to the shaker, then prepare the glass you are serving it in (salt &/or ice). Then fill the shaker with ice to the top and shake hard for about 7/10 seconds. Pour into your glass.

Now the drinks are made...

Once you've toasted the agave (that's the base ingredient of tequila for those not in the know) and finished your tasty tequila treat, line up the shot glasses and rock out like LMFAO and Lil Jon (see the video below for further instruction).

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