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Married woman reveals wedding items that were ‘not worth it’

‘Never noticed it, was not worth it’

Amber Raiken
New York
Saturday 26 February 2022 00:38 GMT

A woman has posted a list of all the items she got for her wedding that were not worth the sticker price.

On TikTok, Ryan and Brooke McConnell post videos about their wedding, along with tips for other people who are planning for their big day.

In one clip shared on 7 February, Brooke detailed everything that she got for her wedding that wasn’t worth the money.

First, she showed a photo of her wedding shoes. And while they looked “amazing” in the picture, “no one ever saw them”. And that same rule applied to her perfume, she said.

“People were like, ‘get your wedding scent, and make it worth it,’” she explained. “No one could smell it by the time I was at the wedding, Ryan never noticed it. Was not worth it.”

She then showed an image of her “feather pyjamas”, which apparently didn’t cost too much. However, she felt like she “could have gotten them for cheaper on Etsy”, as she probably won’t ever wear them again. For the next item, she went back on the “shoe train”, referencing her “wedding sneakers”.

“I was like, ‘I’m going to get a nice pair because I’ll re-wear them,’” she said. “They are trashed.” She then acknowledged how there was another pair of shoes that looked “identical” to the ones she got and cost less money.

The last item on her list was her wedding invitations. But, she’s still a little torn on if they were worth it or not.

“Wedding invitations, I feel 50/50 about,” she said. “I was glad I spent a lot of money because people were really excited about them. But at the end of the day, they got in the trash, so. Kind of worth it, kind of not, it’s a toss up.”

This video has more than 198,600 views so far, with many TikTok users expressing how much they thought about cost when buying things for their weddings.

“I 100% agree on the shoes,” one wrote. “I had gotten my bridesmaids rescue flats and got a pair for myself. Perfect for the reception and no one ever saw my feet.”

“I felt the same about our invites!” another wrote. “We went for the inexpensive side because nobody truly cares or keeps them after the wedding!”

Other viewers discussed situations at and after the wedding where these purchases can be used multiple times.

“Planning on perfume (for me & fiancé!) the week before and wearing it through the honeymoon to make it worth it and tie the memory to a scent!” a comment reads.

“You can wear those shoes to events and stuff,” one recommended. “I got light pink satin and they match my skin tone so I’ve worn them to other weddings.”

In a follow-up video, Brooke shared more of her wedding items, acknowledging whether they were worth it or not. For example, she was fond of her different seating areas and neon signs, but was “50/50” on if she really need the “fire lights”.

And while she and Ryan didn’t spend a lot on the wedding cakes, the groom’s cake felt like a bit of a mistake.

“The groom’s cake I regret because I’m not even sure it got cut into,” she said. “Don’t spend much on your wedding cakes. Everyone says it. I stand by it.”

Speaking to The Independent, Brooke said that she had a lot of friends get married before her and turned to other TikTok videos for wedding advice.

“I did end up purchasing higher-end items but that’s what made me regret it,” she explained. “I wish I would’ve purchase items that weren’t as ‘bridal’ and that were more reusable day to day. They do hold special memories but there are definitely more cost effective ways.”

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