Apple live stream event: What time does iPhone launch start and how can I watch?

Andrew Griffin
Tuesday 14 September 2021 07:56

Apple is about to announce a whole host of products, in a live stream event that is expected to include the first look at the iPhone 13, new Apple Watch Series 7 and updated AirPods.

As with all of Apple’s events in the last year and a half, the launch will only exist as an online video – there will be no real life event in California or anywhere else.

Instead, the video will probably run like all of Apple’s recent events, with a highly-produced and slick film showing its executives revealing its products.

The stream will begin on Tuesday, at 10am pacific time. That’s 1pm eastern, 6pm in the UK, 10.30 in India standard time or 3am on Wednesday morning in Kyoto.

But probably the easiest way to track the time is to head to Apple’s devoted event page, which has an entry for the iPhone event. You can use that page to add the event to your calendar, which will helpfully ensure that you have the right time zone.

You can use that same page to watch the stream, too. It is not live at the moment, but some time shortly before the event begins that page should turn into a video, which will allow you to watch along.

It will also be available on the Apple TV in its devoted Apple events app, that page confirms.

In recent times, however, Apple has streamed the event on other sites such as Twitter and YouTube. The latter is one of the easiest ways to watch along – and that page also offers a way of setting a reminder so that you will be alerted when it begins – which you can find here.

The Independent will also be offering live coverage of the event throughout the day and after.

You can find everything expected at the event here. And you can find everything that’s likely to be in the new iPhone – probably the headline release of the event – here.

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