Uri Geller bends the iPhone 6 with his "mental force"
Uri Geller bends the iPhone 6 with his "mental force"

Apple could be planning bendy iPhone that can be controlled by squeezing

Patents show phone that can folded and flexed

Andrew Griffin
Thursday 08 January 2015 17:32

Apple could make a phone of flexible components that can be bent and squeezed, after it was granted patents for the devices.

The designs show a phone that would use malleable parts on both its outside and inside, allowing the phone’s battery and circuit boards to be bent and flexed.

The phone could also be squeezed as an input, sending the information to the hardware and using it as a way of controlling the phone.

But Apple is granted many patents, few of which come to fruition and even less of which are for products that are released soon after. The company was recently granted another patent for phones that could spin in the air and land safely — but, like the bendy phone, we probably won’t see it in our pockets at least for some time.

In what became known as Bendgate last year, some Apple customers reported their iPhone 6s and 6 Pluses were becoming bent in their pocket. Some said that Apple had worked so hard to make the phones big and thin that their strength suffered.

Even Uri Geller got in on the action, weighing in on bendgate by supposedly bending one using his mental force.

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