The LG G5's modular design is demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in February 2016
The LG G5's modular design is demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in February 2016

LG G5 UK release date revealed as 8 April

LG's newest phone looks set to come out on 8 April

Doug Bolton
Friday 11 March 2016 12:33

The LG G5 smartphone is set to launch in the UK on 8 April, it has been revealed.

LG's new flagship phone is available now to pre-order on a range of sites, and it was online retailer Amazon who gave release date away.

Amazon's G5 page says the phone is due to be released on 8 April, and will cost £529.

The available colours are Titan Grey and Rose Gold - the plain gold and silver versions we saw at Mobile World Congress may be coming out later.

Most new smartphones which come out these days are more similar than they are different, but the G5's unusual features may make it one of the most interesting phones to come out this year.

Its modular construction means the bottom part can be pulled out, allowing users to replace the battery or add a number of different modules (or as LG calls them, 'Friends'), which can add new functions.

The two modules we've seen are a battery pack with built-in physical camera controls, and a Bang & Olufsen amplifier for superior sound quality. LG is opening up the technology to other manufacturers, however, so expect to see many more modules come out after release.

The G5 also has an always-on display, two cameras (one 16MP sensor for normal pictures, and another 8MP one with a 135-degree field of view for wide-angle shots) and a fast Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of RAM, to keep everything running smoothly.

LG also unveiled a range of mad accessories, including a VR headset, a 360-degree camera, and a little sperical robot that can be controlled through the phone.

LG may sometimes get eclipsed by the likes of Apple and Samsung, but they've shown themselves to be one of the most innovative players out there with the G5.

We'll see how it actually performs as April approaches.

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