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TikTok doctor shares why you should put your hair up before going to the toilet

‘Welp, I’m still alive and kicking,’ says viewer

Laura Mills
Thursday 24 August 2023 21:04 BST

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A TikTok doctor has revealed unusual bathroom habits to adopt, including why you put your hair up before using the toilet.

Daria Sadovskaya, 29, is a nephrologist of seven years. On TikTok, she often shares everyday health insights and medical facts with her 90,000 followers. Her latest video has left users shocked with more than 7.2m views, telling them how a toilet visit could spread bacteria to the hair and face.

“Most people’s lives are driven by routines and habits, and some of the tiniest habits can negatively affect your health and you’re not even aware of it,” Sadovskaya - from Singapore - told “That’s why I find it important to create awareness around these small habits and help people change their routines for the healthier.

“The most important reason to wear your hair up in the bathroom is to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading around,” she said. “You may face unpleasant consequences such as acne, if you don’t do it.”

Sadovskaya went on to share some bathroom-related tips to help people improve their health and hygiene.

”Avoid scented toilet paper, avoid intimate washes, stop taking hot showers, stop using loofah, brush your teeth only before doing your skincare,” she said.

Social media users were left stunned by some of her shocking bathroom tips. “I truly don’t feel comfortable with my hair down on the toilet no matter what,” one TikToker commented.

“Holding your toothbrush in bathroom is also bad,” another chimed in.

“I do all this everyday. I’m 32. I’m still alive,” a third person wrote.

Meanwhile, not everyone took the doctor’s tips to heart. “Just don’t use your hair to wipe and you’ll be fine,” joked one person.

“Reading this on the toilet with my hair down,” added another, while someone else said: “Welp, I’m still alive and kicking.”

When asked about the reaction she received to her viral clip, Sadovskaya said: “People were shocked because they’d never thought about it, the majority was surprised such a small thing even matters.”

She also revealed that many followers have since been asking her for advice in her direct messages. However, she just has one rule. “I’m always happy to be useful for my audience, although I don’t diagnose and don’t give medical advice online,” Sadovskaya said.The TikTok doctor went on to share how “grateful” she was that her videos can help others learn more about keeing themselves healthy. “I believe health is the most valuable thing a person has,” Sadovskaya said. “That’s why I am glad and grateful to have a following that makes it possible to spread an important message to millions of people.“If at least one person will be inspired by my videos to take better care of their health, I’ll be more than happy.”

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