Julia Roberts gushes over ‘dream come true’ life with husband Daniel Moder and their children

The Oscar winner shares three children with her cinematographer husband

Meredith Clark
New York
Tuesday 11 October 2022 05:30 BST
Julia Roberts says marriage to husband Danny Moder is a ‘dream come true’

Julia Roberts has opened up about her “dream come true” life with husband Daniel Moder and their three children.

While the Oscar winner has held a longtime career as an actress, Roberts recently admitted that being a mom is better than any dream she could have wished for herself.

“It’s just never consumed me, being an actor,” Roberts said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “It is my dream come true. But it is not my only dream come true.”

“The life that I’ve built with my husband. The life that we’ve built with our children,” she continued. “That’s the best stuff, to come home at the end of the day triumphantly to them."

Julia Roberts, 54, has been married to her husband Daniel Moder, 53, for nearly two decades. The actress and the cinematographer also share three children: twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 17, and son Henry, 15.

“I always think that they all look like me,” she said, gushing over her children. “And then Danny comes home from work, and I go, ‘Oh, you, that’s who they look like.’”

Roberts also told CBS Sunday Morning that when she’s not working on set, being a “homemaker” is her full-time job, but not without admitting that being a mother also comes with its challenges.

"When I’m not working, that is my full-time job,” she said. “And it isn’t, you know, rainbows and kittens every day, but it does bring me a lot of joy."

The actress, who stars in the forthcoming romantic comedy Ticket To Paradise, alongside pal George Clooney, said that filming the movie for 62 days in Australia was the longest she had ever been away from her family. To pass the time, Roberts and her husband wrote letters to each other, which she plans to one day share with her daughter Hazel.

“It’s something Danny and I have always done,” Roberts explained. “The first letter he ever wrote me, which was seven pages long, I still have it tucked away. One day I’ll show it to Hazel and say, ‘That’s what you’re looking for.’”

Not only has Roberts given her daughter advice on love, but it seems she’s already passing down pieces from her iconic wardrobe to Hazel. The actress recalled how her daughter was looking for a prom dress when she came across the vintage Valentino black-and-white gown Roberts wore to the 2001 Oscars, when she won Best Actress for her role in Erin Brockovich.

“My daughter was digging through the closet looking for possible prom dresses last spring, and she was like, ‘What’s this dress?’” Roberts explained. “I said, ‘Well, try it on.’”

“It was too big for her, but she looked so lovely.”

In another iconic fashion moment, Roberts paid tribute to her family when she wore a personalised Alexander McQueen gown to the Ticket To Paradise premiere in London in September. Roberts walked the red carpet wearing the custom black dress, which was hand-embroidered with crystal beads and sequins. She paired the black gown with a matching black cropped tuxedo jacket.

Sewn into the gown was “JR + DM” inside a crystal-embellished heart, seemingly in reference to her husband’s initials. The letters “H+F+H” were also swen onto the dress, as a tribute to her children Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry.

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