Kate Garraway confirms husband Derek is ‘stable’ and has watched her on Good Morning Britain

Good news comes after Derek experienced a “tough week”

Sarah Young
Tuesday 21 July 2020 08:21
Kate Garraway confirms husband Derek is stable and watched Good Morning Britan

Kate Garraway has given a hopeful update about her husband Derek Draper’s condition.

On Tuesday morning’s Good Morning Britain, (GMB) the TV host revealed that nurses told her Draper was “focused and engaged” after they put the breakfast show on television for him.

Draper has been in hospital since March when he was placed in an induced coma after contracting coronavirus.

“He is stable and yesterday I spoke to the nurses and they said they had put Good Morning Britain on and they felt, because his eyes were open, that he looked focused and engaged,” Garraway said.

When her co-host Ben Shepherd chimed in with amazement that Draper had watched GMB, Garraway nodded and said: “He engaged on it. We don’t know if it’s the movement of the light or familiar voices.”

Speaking directly to her husband, she added: “Good Morning Derek, if you are watching. We're all sending you lots of love and so many good wishes. Your own personal Good Morning Britain.”

Garraway then joked that Draper never used to watch her on television, saying: “It is odd because he's never really watched me on TV before, or cared.” Shepherd disagreed, adding: “I don't believe that for a minute.”

The good news came after Garraway revealed that her husband had a “tough week” after experiencing two “big falls” in blood pressure which “worried” his medical team.

“As you know Derek had a tough week last week, that's the one thing we're all having to face,” she said.

Kate Garraway said Derek has watched her on Good Morning Britain (ITV)

“And also a swelling in his legs which was concerning that it might be clots. So it was very emotional.”

She continued: “We know that Covid can cause clotting and he has had clotting in his lungs, which is being treated to try and dissipate that.

"I suppose the concern now might be that if there are new clots forming now that he hasn’t got an active Covid virus so what does that mean.”

Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper, has been in hospital since March (

Earlier this month, Garraway revealed that Draper was no longer in a coma. However,his battle with Covid-19 is said to have severely impacted his body including leaving holes in his heart and damaged lungs.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, the presenter said: “I really believe he can hear. When medical staff say: ‘Good morning, Derek’, he sometimes opens his eyes.

“We and the doctors are doing everything we can so that he can start to recover.”

Over the weekend, Garraway hosted an I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! themed birthday party for her son Billy, who turned 11, and admitted he was “emotional and overwhelmed” by the celebrations without his father present.

The 53-year-old explained that she had hired a tipi and decorated it with camp beds for her son and his friends.

“When Billy woke up he could not believe his eyes!!!!” Garraway wrote in a caption below a video on Instagram.

“Feel so emotional but know Derek will be so proud and pleased,” she added.

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