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Jessica Biel reveals unusual shower habit she swears by

‘I stand behind this 100 per cent since it’s the only place I have privacy,’ one comment said of the habit

Brittany Miller
New York
Saturday 27 January 2024 13:09 GMT
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Jessica Biel has the recipe for the perfect shower.

The actor recently revealed on TikTok that she loves eating in the shower. “I really want to start a movement, a shower-eating movement,” she said in the video. “I think, for people who are multitasking, it’s just going to be a relief in so many ways.”

Biel takes her habit so seriously that she even has “rules” for how to make eating in the shower as enjoyable as possible with minimal problems.

“A ledge is really helpful,” she explained. “Somewhere that you can stick your cup, your yogurt container, your coffee, your espresso, whatever it is you’re enjoying. I like to take a bite or a sip and put it on the ledge, and then you do your thing.”

But she also had some advice on what to do to avoid any mishaps when eating in the shower.

“Only tricky thing is, when you’re chewing, you gotta keep your mouth closed,” Biel reflected. “Because I still like to get under the water while I’m chewing, and for whatever reason, I want to open my mouth at the same time and spit water.”

“So, chew, do not open the mouth [and] do not let the shower water in,” Biel concluded. “There you go, enjoy your shower-consuming.”

After posting her TikTok, many pointed out in the comments section that this likely became a habit for the actor to get some moments of privacy from her two children, Silas, eight, and Phineas, three, whom she shares with her husband, Justin Timberlake.

“I got four kids, they eat my food. I stand behind this 100 per cent since it’s the only place I have privacy,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “I think it’s just called hiding from your family. That’s what I call it.”

Recently, Biel and Timberlake have celebrated 10 years of marriage with a series of throwback photos from their relationship.

The actor and singer began dating in January 2007 and married in Italy five years later on 19 October 2012.

With Wednesday (19 October) marking their wedding anniversary, Biel shared a series of photos of the couple over the years to her Instagram.

They included selfies of the pair enjoying a drink in matching dressing gowns, renewing their vows in Italy this summer and posing on a hike.

“Being married to you is the adventure of a lifetime!” Biel captioned the post. “Run it back, baby. RUN IT BACK. I love you.”

Timberlake also shared his own set of pictures to mark the occasion, including a short video of the pair sharing a piece of spaghetti in a restaurant like in Lady and the Tramp.

“10 years ain’t enough!” he wrote. “You make me a better husband and father every day! I love you so much you beautiful human! Run it back!”

Biel has previously reflected on the “unexpected” way Timberlake proposed to her in 2011 while they were snowboarding in Montana.

“It was in the middle of the winter. Waist-high snow,” Biel recalled. “We were [in] head-to-toe snowboarding outfits – hats, gloves, everything.

“And, all of a sudden, he gets down onto his knees and just sinks into the snow. And then he looks up at me and pulls out this ring. It was the most lovely, surprising, hilarious [moment].”

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