Lindsay Lohan explains why she left Hollywood and how she found romance in Dubai

‘Freaky Friday’ star left Hollywood for Dubai more than 10 years ago, where she met her husband Bader Shammas

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Thursday 14 March 2024 19:36 GMT
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Lindsay Lohan has candidly revealed the reason why she decided to leave Hollywood.

Speaking to Bustle in an exclusive interview, the 37-year-old mother admitted her move from the United States was necessary to escape the public eye. A little over 10 years ago, the Mean Girls lead left the US for London before permanently residing in Dubai - where she eventually met her husband, Bader Shammas.

Lohan reflected on what influenced her need to leave the country, citing the never-ending swarm of paparazzi as a main one. “I feel like some of [my work] got overshadowed by paparazzi and all that kind of stuff when I was younger, and that’s kind of annoying. I wish that part didn’t happen,” she said in the article, published on 14 March.

“I feel like that kind of took on a life of its own. So that’s why I wanted to disappear. I was like, ‘Unless there’s no story here, they’re not going to focus on just my work.’”

Aside from wanting to escape the press, the Freaky Friday actor left in search of a different kind of attention: romance. “I was like, ‘What if I never fall in love? What if this never happens?’” she confessed. “And it took me just taking time for me for all those doors to open and the ‘yeses’ to come - the things I wanted to say ‘yes’ to.”

Though she was already close with her four younger siblings, Lohan wanted to experience a new kind of companionship as well as motherhood. “I’ve always been close with my younger siblings, and I’ve always had a very maternal instinct,” she noted. “The parents kind of give that [responsibility] to [oldest children], too.”

Not only has the Just My Luck star now met her match, but she’s also achieved her ultimate dream and given birth to a baby boy. Lohan and Shammas welcomed their first child, Luai, nearly one year after they tied the knot.

Since welcoming her son in July 2023, the A-lister has proudly shown off her postpartum body, refusing to fall victim to the pressure of losing weight quickly. Speaking with Bustle, Lohan pointed out the Ozempic craze as something she hopes will pass soon.

“Everyone’s getting so thin now. I feel like everything always comes full circle again, so this is that moment, and this, too, shall pass. But it does seem like there’s pressure,” the Netflix regular added. However, Lohan’s managed to remain focused on Luai rather than her appearance.

She said: “I was so attached to [Luai] that my last thought was going on a treadmill. I feel like we put so much pressure on ourselves to have to look ‘good’ so soon, but you look so beautiful [postpartum]. Give yourself time.”

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