Love Is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey respond to Andrew’s ‘fake’ crying scene

Fans are baffled by star Andrew Liu’s use of eye drops during one emotional scene

Meredith Clark
New York
Tuesday 25 October 2022 20:38 BST
Love Is Blind Season 3 trailer

Love Is Blind has officially returned to Netflix and the show’s third season has already brought us a number of interesting characters, including cast member Andrew Liu.

Fans of the series may remember some of Love Is Blind’s cringiest stars from seasons past. There was the time contestant Jessica Batten let her golden retriever sip red wine from her glass in season one, or when Shake Chatterjee doubled-down on his sizeist comments at the season two reunion. Now, Andrew Liu has become the most talked about star on Love Is Blind season three, perhaps because of a scene featuring eye drops that has everyone confused.

Andrew Liu is a 30-year-old wildlife photographer from Austin, Texas. Although, according to his LinkedIn profile, Liu is described as a director of operations for an Austin-based trucking and transportation company called aifleet.

In the pods, Liu hit it off with Nancy Rodriguez, a 32-year-old speech pathologist and real estate agent. The pair seemed to form a connection, mainly because of Liu’s deep bass voice and his frequent talk of travelling and “sexual kung fu”. But by the end of episode four, Rodriguez revealed that she has formed a stronger bond with fellow cast member, Bartise Bowden, and rejected Liu’s marriage proposal.

How did Andrew Liu react to being rejected? Well, that’s where things get confusing. After he was dumped by Rodriguez, producers asked Liu how he was feeling during his confessional.

“Are you rolling?” Liu asked producers. He then reached for something in his pocket and pulled out eye drops. He then filled his eyes with the drops as if he were crying, and let out a few sniffles.

“It didn’t feel good to be completely honest,” he said, with his eyes now full of tears. “I guess I feel satisfied that I went for it. Yeah, man. It hurts.”

If one round of eye drops weren’t enough, Liu reached for the eye drops again, this time filling his eyes with water. When he asked the producer if he was allowed to use eye drops, they said he can use them if his eyes were hurting. With tears now streaming down his face, Liu said: “I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears.”

It’s still unclear whether Liu was faking the tears for sympathy, or if his eyes were actually dry during the scene. Speaking to Bustle, Love Is Blind hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey poked fun at the moment, without giving too much away.

“Oh, he wasn’t doing fake tears. He was taking care of his dry eyes,” Vanessa said coyly. Nick added that it was “pretty muggy while they were filming” and production told him that Liu’s “personal humidifier” broke, causing his eye issues.

Following the episode, fans instantly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the eye drops scene. Many viewers questioned if the tears were actually real, while others simply called the producers “petty” for leaving the scene in the final cut.

“the visine tears???? ANDREW,” said one fan on Twitter.

“one of the #LoveIsBlind producers had it out for andrew and made sure the clip of him fake crying made it into the final cut,” another user wrote.

“It’s so petty that the producers included the footage of Andrew putting eye drops so he could look sad. I’m so here for it!!!” said a third user.

The third season of Love Is Blind dropped on Netflix on Wednesday 19 October. The popular dating show follows the same premise as the previous two seasons, in which single folks go on several blind dates in the hopes of finding a lasting love connection, all without seeing each other in person. The couples are tasked with getting engaged not based on appearances, but based on emotional and intellectual connection.

The latest season, which is set in Dallas, Texas, was filmed back-to-back with season two. Among the newest cast includes a critical care nurse, aerospace engineer, dermatologist, and ballet dancer.

While Netflix has only released the first four episodes of season three, five couples are already engaged. Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux were the first couple to get engaged in the pods. Nancy Rodriguez and Bartiste Bowden also got engaged, but there may be trouble ahead for the couple due to their age difference and Bowden’s former connection with Raven Ross. Ross accepted a proposal from Sikiru "SK" Alagbada, while Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett also got engaged, despite their personality differences. Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton were the last couple to get engaged in the pods.

The next three episodes of Love Is Blind season three will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday 26 October.

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