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Internet divided over story about McDonald’s worker who got rehired after quitting job three times

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’

Amber Raiken
New York
Friday 30 December 2022 23:33 GMT
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The internet is divided over one TikTok user’s story about how his friend, who is a McDonald’s employee, returned to her job after quitting multiple times.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, @twinuzienjoyer directed the camera towards his peer, as she was walking into his car. He went on to showcase a folder from the fast food chain that was in her hand, which read: “Welcome to McDonald’s. Great People Joining a Great Team!”

The camera was then directed towards the McDonalds employee, who had her face turned away as she was sitting in the passenger seat.

The TikTok user also claimed that this wasn’t the woman’s first time working at McDonald’s, as the video over the text reads: “Getting accepted to the same job that she quit for a third time.”

He poked fun at his friend’s work experience at McDonald’s by using a viral TikTok sound in the video. In the six-second clip, the sound that plays in the background was a man saying: “It’s official. I am now licensed!”

He continued the bit in the caption, writing: “She is now licensed.”

As of 30 December, the video has more than 456,500 views and sparked mixed reactions in the comments. More specifically, some people made jokes about the McDonald’s worker and the fast food chain itself.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” one wrote, while another said: “McDonald’s will hire anyone even if they quit or got fired.”

A third person claimed: “[I don’t care] how you leave McDonald’s they’re, always going to hire you back.”

Many people also expressed how they could relate to this story, as they said that they returned to their customer service jobs after quitting.

“Worked at McDonald’s three times in the span of two years,” one wrote. “But that McDonald’s pay be hitting different.”

“I quit McDonald’s, went to Starbucks, quit that, and went back to McDonald’s,” another wrote.

A third person said:”I quit McDonald’s, went to another McDonald’s and quit that one, then went back to the first McDonalds and quit that one, then went back to the second.”

Some people also praised McDonald’s employees for working there in the first place, one of which wrote: “Caps to you cause once I quit I am DONE.”

“I pray for the frappe machine to always work and the ice cream machine,” another added.

According to McDonald’s official website, former employees could be eligible to be rehired, based on the location of the store that they want to work at. The hiring policies vary for the two types of McDonald’s restaurants: company owned and independently owned.

The Independent has contacted @twinuzienjoyer and a representative for McDonald’s for comment.

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