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Man goes viral after proposing during ‘intense’ family game of charades

‘A girl who gives her all in charades will give her all and more in a relationship,’ one viewer jokes

Amber Raiken
New York
Friday 29 March 2024 18:32 GMT
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A man has gone viral for the amusing moment he chose to propose to his girlfriend.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, a woman, who goes by the username @playingwithvangogh, revealed the unexpected way her partner popped the question. “My fiancé proposed during an intense family game of charades lol,” she wrote in the text over the video.

The video began with the couple standing outside, with the woman having her back turned from her boyfriend, as she was facing her family and playing charades. In the clip, the woman could be seen enthusiastically jumping and holding her arms up – as she pretended to be a bear for the game  – while her partner was bent down on one knee and holding an open box with an engagement ring in it.

For the first 13 seconds of the video, she continued to playfully stomp up and down and get closer to her family, as they laughed at her imitation of a bear. At one point, when she had her mouth open, seemingly mimicking a bear’s growling sound, she turned around and finally noticed her partner.

She then looked at her boyfriend – who was still bent down on one keen and holding the ring box  – and asked him: “Are you joking? Are you for real?” She continued smiling and laughing at her now-fiancé, before he turned closer towards her. The video then ended with the couple hugging and kissing.

In the comments, the woman wrote: “My fiancé proposed while I was pretending to be a bear during charades lol.”

The video has quickly gone viral on TikTok, with more than 7m views, as of 29 March. In the comments, many viewers praised the woman’s skills at charades, while applauding her partner for proposing during the game.

“She was giving her all in charades, she definitely deserves the ring, congratulations,” one wrote.

“A girl who gives her all in charades will give her all and more in a relationship,” another joked.

A third added: “The amount of happiness your parents felt watching you be authentically your goofy self while he’s proposing is so pure.”

Other people agreed that the proposal was memorable, especially since the couple’s family was there.

“I love this so much. Such a beautiful and simple moment turned into an unforgettable occasion. The essence of humanity. Best to you both, forever,” one wrote.

“This is my favourite proposal I’ve ever seen!! Real life and real love!! Congratulations!!” another added.

The Independent has contacted  @playingwithvangogh for comment.

This isn’t the first proposal that’s gone viral on social media. In January, a woman was tasked with filming her friend’s proposal, but it didn’t go exactly according to plan. Mary Dawson took to TikTok to show off the results of the video, as text across the screen read: “POV: I shouldn’t have been trusted to record my friend’s proposal.”

The video featured Dawson’s friend and her now-fiancé holding hands in a backyard covered in a string of tiny fairy lights. Suddenly, the camera panned over to a raccoon in the woods, and by the time the camera had panned back over to the couple, the proposal was over as the two were happily hugging.

“Missed the whole kneeling part. Don’t worry, she wasn’t mad!” Dawson captioned her video. In response to the video, many TikTok users criticised Dawson for missing the proposal, while others joked that the star of the video was the raccoon.

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