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Fans praise influencer Remi Bader for her candid review about Coachella: ‘I hate it here’

‘Coachella is the most exhausting event’

Amber Raiken
New York
Thursday 21 April 2022 14:22 BST
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Influencer and plus-sized model Remi Bader has spoken candidly about her first time at Coachella, acknowledging that it was “not for” her, and fans have praised her for giving such a realistic review of the event.

Throughout multiple videos shared to her TikTok account, Bader documented her experience at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which took place this weekend in California.

In one clip, Bader could be seen filming herself at the music festival, and as she’s in the midst of expressing her thoughts on it, a random guy poked his head into the video. After he said, “Yeah, Coachella,” to Bader’s camera, she told him that she was “filming [herself]” for the video.

When he asked her if she wanted him to be in it, the model said: “You were just in it.” Although he already knew that, he offered to say something else to the camera, so Bader told him to say, “I love Remi,” which he did. The influencer thanked him before he walked away.

She returned to her initial point of the video, which was to give her opinions about Coachella, and said: “Anyways, I was just trying to say that I think Coachella is a little overrated. Like I was standing in a field by myself and that man just came over to talk to me. You know? What is this?”

Bader continued her review with a short clip of herself in the VIP section of Coachella, as she sipped on her drink and nodded along to the music, with an unhappy look on her face.

In another video shared the Monday after Coachella, Bader and her friend could be seen sitting in a cart that was being pulled by a biker. As she appeared to be jokingly crying, with her friend laughing next to her, Bader softly said: “I hate Coachella.”

“We tried to like Coachella,” she wrote in the caption. “We really did our best. But the world wasn’t allowing it to happen for me.”

In the comments section, she acknowledged how the video was taken after her “Uber driver” got “lost for an hour, doing 16 U Turns,” as she was “trying not to puke” before a job she had at the festival. She ended up being “an hour late” to the job.

“We had to take this bike to get there ASAP,” she said about the video. “And my boobs started flying out of my dress and he started blasting wild music and I lost it. I was screaming to Niki, ‘I’m done being an influencer and this life isn’t meant for me.’”

She also clarified that the video was taken at Coachella and not the Revolve Festival, an annual event in California that takes place the first weekend of Coachella.

“I can only speak for myself and had the best time at Revolve fest,” she added. “But Coachella was not for me.”

She also shared a video that was filmed in a car, while on a road in California, with a caption that reads: “Literally was covered in dirt slapping me in the face. Forgot about that.”

“I hate it here,” she said. “I hate Coachella. I hate Palm Springs.”

However, she lated clarified that she doesn’t hate Palm Springs and did want to visit it against, jut not for Coachella.

In the comment of her videos, which each have more than 1m views, TikTok users applauded Bader for giving her honest thoughts about Coachella.

“Thank you for showing us what Coachella is actually like,” one wrote.

“We can always count on Remi for a realistic review! Thanks babe. FOMO [fear of missing out] no more,” another wrote.

Many viewers agreed with Bader’s sentiments and emphasised how Coachella doesn’t seem like that much fun to them either.

“Honestly this looks like h**”,” one comment reads, while one TikTok user said: “Literally know that exact feeling lol, Coachella ain’t it baby.”

Another person wrote: “It’s 100 per cent overhyped and overrated.”

The Independent has reached out to Bader for comment.

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