Sabrina Carpenter opens up about dating amid rumoured romance with Barry Keoghan

‘I think I’m still just at this place where I’m really enjoying the newness of all of it,’ Carpenter says

Amber Raiken
New York
Thursday 28 March 2024 14:53 GMT
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Sabrina Carpenter has shared her candid thoughts about relationships amid her rumoured romance with Barry Keoghan.

The singer, 24, discussed her approach to dating during an interview with Cosmopolitan, published on 27 March. Carpenter was first romantically linked to Keoghan in December, after they were spotted in Los Angeles. While they’ve since been photographed together on other occasions, they haven’t confirmed if they’re dating.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Carpenter expressed that she’s not someone who “actively looks” for a relationship. She then described the effort that comes with dating and how she embraces the beginning stages of a romance.

“The relationships that I actually want to put my energy into have to be so interesting or invigorating because they take me away from the other things I love,” she said. “So yeah, it’s fun and it’s messy. I think I’m still just at this place where I’m really enjoying the newness of all of it.”

The “Feather” singer noted that she uses “one” dating app, but didn’t specify which one. While she said that she usually “never opens it”, there are occasions where she goes on it to see who’s on there.

“But there would be times where I would just want to see that other people exist. I know that sounds weird,” she said. “Because when you’re on tour for a very long time, you’re just like, oh my god, there’s no one around.”

However, Carpenter made it clear that she hasn’t ever met anyone in person from the app. “But I’ve never, ever, ever, ever gone on a date from an app,” she explained. “It’s always just been by fate and by chance, people I meet or people that I connect with through friends and things like that.”

According to the “Vicious” singer, her perspective on dating has changed over the years, as she believes there’s value in every relationship, no matter how long it is.

“When I was younger, the one thing I always thought was, why would I date this person if I didn’t see myself marrying them? I just wouldn’t even put energy into it. But now I have a mentality that there are relationships that are meant to be in your life, even if it’s only for a couple of weeks,” she said.

Carpenter also addressed how her love life has continued to make headlines. However, she noted that she doesn’t pay attention to the romance rumours, which she said can appear before she’s even defined her relationship with the individual she’s been romantically linked it.

“I’m not really aware of that until I have someone random that I didn’t tell ‘Oh, I’m dating this person,’ tell me, ‘Oh, you’re dating this person,’” the Disney Channel alum explained. “It’s a weird thing and it’s so funny because it might be someone that I talked to three times, and I haven’t even decided if I like them. But it’s like, if you’re two feet away from them, then you are together.”

While Carpenter hasn’t publicly addressed whether she’s dating Keoghan, there have been multiple reports about the rumoured couple. Earlier this month, fans spotted the Saltburn star at Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert in Singapore, where Carpenter was the show’s opener. Following her set, the Carpenter was captured leaving the stage and giving Keoghan a sweet hug.

They attended the Vanity Fair 2024 Oscars Party on 10 March, when they took their first public photo together. The rumoured couple was pictured with their hands covering their mouths, while the singer had her arm wrapped over his shoulder. Fans also spotted that he was wearing a friendship bracelet to the event, with a heart-shaped charm and letters that appeared to spell out the singer’s name, “Sabrina”.

While on the red carpet before the event in Beverly Hills, Keoghan posed only mere steps away from Carpenter. During the occasion, he was seen looking over at his rumoured girlfriend instead of paying attention to the camera in front of him.

With Keoghan’s head turned to the side, photographers continued to call out his name in an apparent effort for him to look forward. He then acknowledged his lack of focus towards the paparazzi on the red carpet, saying: “Sorry, I’m distracted.”

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