YouTuber Tefi Pessoa reveals she wore her dress incorrectly on red carpet at Dune premiere: ‘Freaking out’

‘This is iconic,’ one fan assured YouTuber

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Saturday 23 October 2021 15:48
Zendaya is a vision in white promoting ‘Dune’ in London

YouTube star Tefi Pessoa has revealed that she accidentally wore her gown incorrectly on the red carpet at the London premiere of Dune.

On Monday, the influencer, who goes by @hellotefi on social media, arrived on the red carpet for the film’s debut in a long-sleeved dark blue gown by Silvia Astore and designed for Annie’s Ibiza, which appeared to include a cut-out detail near Pessoa’s thigh.

However, in a TikTok shared on Tuesday, Pessoa revealed that she later learned she had worn the dress the wrong way, as her leg was actually meant to go through the cut-out portion of the gown.

“Guys I’m freaking out. Thank you so much for the support, thank you so much for the support but I’m freaking out because I just found out that my leg was supposed to go through that stupid freaking hole,” Pessoa said as she showed a photo of herself taken on the red carpet. “I was on the carpet, I didn’t know.”

The YouTuber, who interviewed celebrities including Jason Momoa at the event, then shared another photo of her red carpet look, reiterating that her “leg was supposed to go through the freaking hole,” before questioning why she can’t dress herself.

“Why can’t I dress myself? I’m an adult,” she continued, visibly distressed by the wardrobe malfunction.

Pessoa concluded the clip apologising to her more than 1.2m followers, before promising that she can “dress [herself]”.

“I just want to apologise, I know that I can dress myself, if you just give me one more chance,” she said, before hysterically laughing as she showed a photo of the way the dress is intended to be worn.

As of Wednesday, Pessoa’s video has been viewed more than 3m times, with many of her followers expressing amusement over the incident.

“You had one job,” one viewer joked, while another said: “This is actually the BEST thing ever. I’m living for it.”

Others suggested that the gown’s designer should have informed Pessoa of the correct way to wear the dress ahead of the event, with someone else claiming: “The designer SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU.”

There were also viewers who assured Pessoa that they hadn’t realised she was wearing the gown incorrectly, and that she pulled it off either way.

“You know what? You made it your own,” one viewer wrote, while another said: “We never would’ve known if you didn’t tell us.”

Someone else admitted they couldn’t stop laughing when they realised the YouTube star’s error, before noting that Pessoa “still looked phenomenal”.

On Instagram, where Pessoa also revealed her mistake to her followers, she admitted that she had thought the gown was designed to have a “futuristic” look.

As for how she found out she was wearing the gown incorrectly, the social media star revealed that her assistant had tried to tell her but it was too late as she was already on the red carpet and “phone-less”.

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