Tish Cyrus admits to problems in Dominic Purcell marriage

Cyrus and Purcell tied the knot in August 2023

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Friday 29 March 2024 16:05 GMT
Tish Cyrus admits there are 'definitely issues' in her marriage to Dominic Purcell

Tish Cyrus is opening up about managing roadblocks in her relationship.

The 56-year-old mother admitted she’s been dealing with issues in her marriage to Dominic Purcell, but said it’s nothing they can’t work through.

Cyrus spoke candidly about the subject with her daughter, Brandi, during the most recent episode of their shared podcast, Sorry We’re Stoned. She pointed to the difference in her personality versus Purcell’s affecting how she deals with situations.

“I was so scared when I first met Dom, my husband, which was not that long ago,” the manager started. “But it is crazy because I am a Taurus and he is an Aquarius, and every single thing I read said: ‘Don’t even do it. It is the absolute worst pairing.’”

While Purcell tends to have a blunter, straight-forward approach, Cyrus is more emotional. She later attributed this side of her to being “coddled” as an only child growing up.

“I was an only child, I was adopted, so I was coddled a lot. I kind of have needed that. But that’s just not who he is. He is not emotional and that could be a problem,” she explained.

That said, Cyrus is working on not expecting the same treatment and managing her emotions to find a productive solution.

She noted: “But you know what? This is where I’ve grown, is like, I just feel like instead now of me getting so offended, because I respect and love him, that we have conversations.”

“And instead [of] getting so upset and heated about it and me not taking it personally, just letting him have an opinion. I’ve never been good at that,” Cyrus continued.

Despite the difficulty she and Purcell have faced in trying to deal with this “issue,” Cyrus is happy to put the effort in because of how much she loves him.

The couple started talking through social media in 2022, before officially announcing their relationship in November that year. By August 2023, the pair were married, celebrating with Miley and Brandi Cyrus.

Before Purcell, she was married to Billy Ray Cyrus for 30 years. The couple called it quits in 2022. Before their official separation, both parties had individually filed for divorce within 10 years but never went through with it.

Cyrus spoke to Alex Cooper about how she felt during that time in her life in the 7 February episode of Call Her Daddy.

“During that period, I took a really good, hard look at life, my life, and like: ‘What was I gonna do?’” she said. “Because it had not been in a good place for a long time. And I think I did stay so long out of fear of being alone. Like I had met him when I was 23, 24.”

“So being alone, and all of a sudden just having kind of the weight of the world off my shoulders, and I was able to just breathe,” Cyrus continued. “And smoke pot and garden, and go skinny dipping in my pool. That’s what I did during Covid. It was hugely transformative.”

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