Woman furious at wedding request from friend she hasn’t seen for a decade

The couple did not even invite her to their wedding

Kate Ng
Saturday 24 June 2023 13:49 BST

A woman has claimed that she was asked to donate a cash gift to the wedding of a person she had not seen or spoken to since 2009.

Posting on Reddit, the woman said she received a message from someone she went to school with announcing that they were getting married.

However, the message did not contain an invitation, but instead “recommended” that the recipient make a “£250” donation to the couple’s nuptials.

The story was posted on a Reddit forum titled “r/weddingshaming” and has raised eyebrows all over social media.

The woman wrote: “Yesterday I got a message from someone I went to school with. It was a wedding announcement. They were getting married but they can’t invite me because their venue couldn’t accommodate me, but that I was ‘Welcome to help us celebrate this occasion of love by donating to our honeymoon fund. Recommended donation is £250 but larger donations will be welcomed’.”

The user continued: “I haven’t seen or spoken to this person for at least a decade and I think that was only some random Facebook message. Even in school we were at best friendly, not friends.”

Her final response to the couple has been praised, as she said she wrote back “congratulating them and saying I donated to charity on their behalf”.

Readers could not believe the “audacity” of the couple, with many branding them “greedy” for asking someone they had not invited to their wedding to boost their funds.

“How ridiculously cheeky of them to be sending such f***ery,” one person wrote. “I really hope no one takes them up on this ridiculousness and instead, people mercilessly ridicule them for it.”

Another said: “I’d have donated £2.50 and sent them a card, ‘Have fun, don’t spend it all at once!’”

A third added: “How absolutely crass of them. I would love to see a study of marriage length of couples who don’t give two cents about gifts as long as family and friends are there to help them celebrate compared to couples who seem to see their wedding as little more than an excuse for a gift-and-cash grab.”

The story was also shared elsewhere on social media and has garnered a similar response. It was posted on Instagram account The Shade Borough, with people commenting that the couple “must be crazy” for making such a request.

One person said they must have been “smoking the finest ganja [cannabis]”, while another said they “can’t decide whether I’d just laugh or block them”.

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