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The journey towards sustainable growth is often marked by strategic collaborations that redefine industry standards. At the forefront of this stands Champions (UK) plc, the strategic growth partner for E2E

Wednesday 24 April 2024 16:12 BST

What is a growth partner?

Champions (UK) plc is a leading consultancy and growth partner. It vows to provide businesses across the UK with “access to results-driven solutions” that “deliver winning results.”

Over recent months, it has recruited of a number of global industry leading experts to aid its deliverance in services from the world’s leading minds across every business topic.

Helping to grow businesses across four key specialisms

Champions (UK) plc’s holistic approach to growth encompasses four service areas, each meticulously designed to support entrepreneurial businesses on their growth journey:

Sales Growth: Having delivered sales growth of over £5bn, and £15bn in capital valuation for its clients, Champions provides a range of services from sales audits and growth strategies to identification of brand assets and routes to market. The company boasts over 80 expert team members, and delivers leading solutions across various industries throughout 60+ countries. It has previously driven growth for renowned companies such as Lloyds Banking Group, Farmfoods, and Wembley Stadium connected with EE.

People & HR: With over 20 years’ experience in dealing with workforce strategies, it’s no wonder Champions has decided to focus its attention on people & HR. The business has put together an impressive team of experts, with the team containing over ten published HR & People best-selling authors. A founding member of the European Association of Speakers Bureaux (EASB), Champions will be looking to continue its work in staff performance.

AI & Tech: The continued importance of automation in business isn’t slowing down any time soon, and Champions has decided to re-emphasise its knowhow in AI and technology. The company has previously delivered in SaaS solutions and software integrations and is now combining these pieces with external expertise. A business already utilising modern technology within its own space, Champions looks to target compatibility, efficiency, and scalability. The generative AI market is forecasted to be worth $33bn by 2027, and the company is capitalising on this ever-growing opportunity.

M&A/Investment: Most companies at the forefront of their respective industries will be looking for expert investment solutions, and Champions has highlighted its awareness of the importance of mergers and acquisitions in business growth. With over 200 successful deals and ten Buy and Build journeys to-date, the Leicestershire-based business partner has a track record of success.

The importance of a growth partner and strategy

A robust growth strategy lies at the heart of Champions (UK) plc’s approach, serving as a compass for entrepreneurial business leaders navigating the turbulent waters of modern commerce. By articulating clear objectives, identifying key growth drivers, and aligning resources effectively, businesses can chart a trajectory towards sustained success.

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About Champions (UK) plc

Champions delivers the entire solution, from diagnosis to delivery, implemented on a day-to-day basis, with the benefits tangibly demonstrated and reported.

As an entrepreneurial organisation working with similarly minded business leaders, Champions (UK) plc is consistently innovating to ensure its clients receive the very latest products and services, from AI implementation to multi-channel sales and marketing solutions, the latest people development training to market-leading investment & deal services.

Champions’ overarching message is “we are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”, helping businesses manage evolution in order to deliver sustainable growth.

Utilising results-driven services, the Champions team delivers simplicity from complexity, turning the intangible into highly tangible business results that drive capital value.

Champions is proud to have supported hundreds of business owners to realise their businesses potential, from fast growth to rapid scale up business through to institutional leaders in their industries.

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