The E2E Female 100 track 2024

E2E, in association with The Independent, proudly unveils the E2E Female 100 track, a definitive index recognising the exceptional achievements of the 100 fastest-growing female-led or founded businesses in the United Kingdom, based on their remarkable growth rates over the past three years

Wednesday 01 May 2024 11:16 BST
Ooni logo

1. Darina Garland - Ooni Limited

Ooni, founded in 2012, revolutionises outdoor cooking with its award-winning portable pizza ovens. These sleek, innovative ovens allow anyone to enjoy authentic wood-fired pizzas in their garden or on the go. With a mission to unite people through great food and experiences, Ooni has amassed a global following of food enthusiasts and outdoor cooking aficionados. Its commitment to quality, design, and accessibility has solidified Ooni’s position as a leading brand in the outdoor cooking industry, inspiring culinary adventures worldwide.

  • Sector: Online Grocery Retailers
  • Region: Chatham
  • Employee growth rate: 88%
Sarah Raven logo

2.  Alison Doherty  - Sarah Raven’s Kitchen & Garden Limited

Established in 1999 with a seed list, the Sarah Raven brand now offers a wide array of seeds, seedlings, plants, and gardening and floristry kits. Founder Sarah personally trials most products in her Perch Hill garden, ensuring top quality. Collaborating closely with growers, the brand guarantees the best for customers, sourcing plants from specialist nurseries and providing only top-size tubers and bulbs. Sarah Raven embodies a commitment to excellence, delivering premium gardening solutions and fostering a vibrant gardening community.

  • Sector: Schools
  • Region: Marlborough
  • Employee growth rate: 83%
Dare International logo

3.  Fateha Begum - Dare International Ltd

Dare International is an energy tech company that leverages trading expertise and proprietary technology to enhance liquidity in key energy markets. Specialising in volatile, data-intensive sectors, it brings liquidity, competitiveness, and transparency to energy markets. Dare’s fusion of trading capabilities, data science, and analytics ensures superior returns, empowering it to navigate complex energy landscapes effectively. By harnessing its expertise, Dare International remains at the forefront of driving innovation and efficiency in the dynamic realm of energy trading and technology.

  • Sector: Oil And Gas Drilling
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 81%

4.  Cheryl Williams - Yorkshire Wildlife

Yorkshire Wildlife, which opened in 2009, is a dynamic centre for conservation and welfare and houses some of the world’s most endangered animals. Its mission is to create a dynamic, interactive experience and regional centre of excellence for the conservation of biodiversity globally and locally that is sustainable both for the environment and business. Yorkshire Wildlife also strives to promote a wider understanding of the natural world and inspire generations to support and protect the world around us.

  • Sector: Parks Gardens
  • Region: Doncaster
  • Employee growth rate: 75%
Twin Training logo

5.  Caroline Fox - Twin Training International Limited

Founded in 1995, Twin Training International is an award-winning international provider of English language education, group travel, work experience, accommodation, higher education pathways, and employability services, including apprenticeships. From year-round language schools and summer centres in the UK and Ireland to its history of helping people find employment and upskill, Twin Training’s core purpose is growing opportunities for learners, partners, and colleagues. Its values reflect both the very human characteristics of an organisation that cares, alongside a relentless drive for excellence in delivering results.

  • Sector: Education Management
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 67%
Faculty logo

6. Dr. Angie Ma - Faculty Science Limited

Faculty was founded in 2014 with its Fellowship programme; helping the very best STEM PhD and Masters graduates to transition from academia to a career in data science. Since then, Faculty has evolved to become one of the world’s leading providers of human-first AI solutions. Faculty’s work underpins vital operations for healthcare providers, retailers, energy providers, and governments around the world. For over a decade, Faculty’s data scientists and engineers have helped over 250 customers build custom, enterprise-level AI solutions to unlock value.

  • Sector: Information Technology
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 62%
Speechmatics logo

7. Katy Wigdahl - Cantab Research Limited

Formerly known as Cantab Research Limited, now operating as Speechmatics, Speechmatics has introduced the most inclusive and precise Speech API to date. The journey started in the 1980s at Cambridge University, where Speechmatics pioneered neural networks’ application to speech recognition. Speechmatics aims to comprehend every voice, offering its speech API for seamless integration across various industries and use cases. Trusted globally, its machine learning-powered solution accurately interprets human speech, transcending demographic, age, gender, accent, dialect, or location barriers for businesses worldwide.

  • Sector: Information Technology
  • Region: Cambridge
  • Employee growth rate: 61%
Affinity Workforce Solutions logo

8.  Esme Bianchi-Barry - Affinity Workforce Solutions Limited

Affinity is a specialist in providing fresh thinking and innovative solutions that Trusts desperately need to meet the growing challenge of recruiting and retaining a high-quality workforce. The business offers a better, smarter way to build workforces, with faster, easier access to the very best candidates and skills; strategic, long-term thinking; cutting-edge technology; and trusted, professional consultancy at every turn. Affinity’s reliable and trustworthy services ensure the best results for schools and staff, transforming recruitment.

  • Sector: Staffing And Recruiting
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 60%
Bluecrest Health Screening logo

9.  Dominique Kent - Bluecrest Wellness

Bluecrest was founded to fill a gap in the private health checks sector for an affordable, convenient, and accessible health assessment option that doesn’t compromise quality or clinical robustness. Bluecrest’s award-winning service helps people take control of their health in a stress-free way, and has undertaken 560,000 health checks since it was established in 2012, including tests for heart disease and stroke, cancer risk, cholesterol, diabetes, liver function, kidney function, digestive disorders, bowel health, and anaemia.

  • Sector: Health Clinics
  • Region: Worthing
  • Employee growth rate: 58%
Mous Products logo

10.  Lucy Hutchinson - Mous Products Ltd

The Mous journey began in 2014 when a group of twentysomethings got together to create the best phone case possible. In 2017, Mous launched Limitless 1.0, a case that combined extreme protection with incredible functionality and refined style. Today, Mous is known for a range of innovative tech accessories. Mous genuinely believes that life should be lived to the fullest, which is why it designs products that free your tech – and you – from limitations and restrictions.

  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Region: Eastleigh
  • Employee growth rate: 57%
Futureheads logo

11.  Rachel Murray - Futureheads Recruitment Limited

Futureheads is an award-winning digital and tech recruitment business on a mission to be a force for good. Futureheads is a majority female-owned business, founded to put respect, trust and transparency at the heart of the recruitment process. The brand is built on integrity and fairness at the heart of its service and culture, underpinned by a solid process. Futureheads’ recruitment services include specialists in permanent, retained and contract, as well as its extended offering in SyncD – a DEI and embedded solutions team.

  • Sector: Temporary Staff Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 56%
Adam Smith International logo

12.  Jalpa Patel - Adam Smith International Ltd

Adam Smith International (ASI) is a global advisory company that works locally to transform lives by making economies stronger, societies more stable, and governments more effective. It works on behalf of governments, foundations and companies that share the business’s ambition to take on the big challenges facing the world. Clients approach ASI to develop strategies and to design, deliver and evaluate programmes that address the big challenges facing the world. ASI is prepared to manage a high level of risk to achieve its purpose.

  • Sector: Public Relations Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 54%
Astrid and Miyu logo

13.  Connie Nam - Astrid & Miyu Ltd

Astrid & Miyu was founded in 2012 by Connie Nam. Inspired by her mother, jewellery had been a part of her life from a very young age. Astrid & Miyu is more than just a jewellery brand – its mission is to revolutionise the jewellery experience, such as through innovative design methods, including 3D printing, to add a modern flare to its pieces. Astrid & Miyu wants its collections to be constantly improving and evolving, whilst being accessible to everyone.

  • Sector: Jewellers
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 52%
Digital Cinema Media logo

14. Karen Stacey - Digital Cinema Media Limited

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has driven significant growth for the cinema medium over the last few years, resulting in record-breaking revenue performance and being named sales team of the year at the Media Week Awards in 2017. DCM is determined to maintain this momentum and drive the industry forward by connecting brands and people in the unique cinema environment. At a time when brands are faced with challenges around attention, safety and viewability, cinema’s offering has never been more powerful.

  • Sector: Clothes Shops
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 47%
CottonConnect logo

15.  Alison Ward - CottonConnect Limited

Cotton accounts for almost 24% of all global textile production, and the industry supports more than 350 million livelihoods. Reimagining the future for supply chains and securing a sustainable, traceable, and transparent supply is vital. CottonConnect helps global brands source more fairly and sustainably by creating more robust, resilient, and successful raw material supply chains. Its 2020-2025 strategy, implemented via three pillars of activity, is designed to deliver what the cotton and raw materials industry needs now, and in the future.

  • Sector: Storage Services
  • Region: Woking
  • Employee growth rate: 46%
Lantum logo

16.  Melissa Morris - Lantum Ltd

Modernising how healthcare organisations connect with the workforce, Lantum is on a mission to help save the NHS £1 billion in staffing costs. With more people leaving the NHS than joining it, things need to change. Lantum provides a total workforce platform, Connected Scheduling™, which aims to reduce spend and empower healthcare staff. The platform changes the way businesses manage their workforces – with seamless rota builds, one place to manage all staff and access to a network of 30,000+ vetted clinicians.

  • Sector: Software Development
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 46%
Objective Media Group logo

17.  Liz Warner - Objective Media Group Limited

Objective Media Group (OMG) makes entertainment, factual entertainment, and scripted programmes from its offices in the UK and the US. Betty TV has been at the forefront of compelling storytelling since 2001, and has an ethos of creating high quality stories told with a sense of humour, by people who love what they do. Programmes include Naked Education, Gino’s Italy, The Undateables, Wheeler Dealers, and Bear’s Mission With. Be inspired. Be bold. Be entertained. Be Betty.

  • Sector: Video Production
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 45%
Streetspace logo

18.  Suzanne Deacon - Streetspace Limited

Based on the East Kent Coast, Streetspace Group is a leading manufacturer of covered space structures and urban street scene products. Its three distinct brands, Streetspace Structures, metroSTOR and urbanspec, serve specific industry sectors with the same end-to-end consultancy, design and project management approach. Streetspace Structures offers permanent, all-weather sports, learning, and social environments for the education and leisure sectors. Urbanspec provides external storage, bike parking, and street furniture. metroSTOR supports safer neighbourhoods with recycling initiatives.

  • Sector: Curtain Blind Fittings
  • Region: Hythe
  • Employee growth rate: 45%
National Locums logo

19.  Jennifer Cook - National Locums Ltd

National Locums is one of Britain’s leading and fastest-growing specialist medical recruitment agencies. The business supplies locum doctors, nurses and AHPs to the NHS and independent hospitals throughout the UK. National Locums’ family values set it apart from the rest. National Locums is a part of Cook Recruitment Group, has a reputation as a trusted medical locum agency, and is passionate about placing high calibre healthcare professionals to provide the best quality of care to our loved ones.

  • Sector: Staffing and Recruiting
  • Region: Milton Keynes
  • Employee growth rate: 41%
The Continuum Group logo

20.  Juliana Delaney - The Continuum Group Limited

Continuum has 30 years of experience developing commercially successful visitor attraction businesses. Its success comes from making sure the business delivers the best possible story-led experiences for its guests, knowing that when this is done right, commercial success is a given. The Continuum Group believes in working hard and having fun, with creative heads on commercial shoulders. Continuum’s latest venture involves working with ITV on The Emmerdale Village Tour & Coronation Street Experience.

  • Sector: Entertainment
  • Region: York
  • Employee growth rate: 40%
The Config Team logo

21.  Carolyn Moses - The Config Team Limited

The Config Team specialises in the design, development and implementation and support of innovative SAP supply chain solutions that deliver an integrated, end-to-end supply chain process for businesses. The Config Team’s solutions will ensure that a business’s operations are more than up for any task, increasing efficiency and delighting customers all at once. The Config Team is a boutique consultancy that has retained its small business feel, where staff work together and share their skills and knowledge to solve supply chain challenges.

  • Sector: Business Management Consultants
  • Region: Milnthorpe
  • Employee growth rate: 39%
Sofas and Stuff logo

22.  Julia Cussins - Sofas & Stuff Limited

Sofas & Stuff is a family-founded, family-run company, that has grown from a single showroom in rural West Sussex to now having 23 characterful locations across the country. Nestled in rural West Sussex, Sofas & Stuff was established in 2009, and is deep-rooted in family legacy. Sofas & Stuff identified a gap in the market for high-quality, bespoke British-made sofas and beds and now continues to uphold the tradition of rafting exceptional furniture that transforms houses into homes.

  • Sector: Outdoor Furniture Retailing
  • Region: Pulborough
  • Employee growth rate: 36%
Me and Em logo

23. Clare Hornby - Me And Em Limited

Founded in 2009, ME+EM believes that modern women shouldn’t have to choose between quality and cost; between contemporary trends and clothes they can actually function and look great in. The business prides itself on quality, and to offer the highest standard at an accessible price, handles everything in-house. ME+EM was the very first luxury brand in the UK to disrupt the market in this way, paving the way for a new vision of womenswear.

  • Sector: Clothes Shops
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 35%
Distology logo

24.  Hayley Roberts - Distology Limited

Distology is a passionate and highly knowledgeable IT security distributor, representing best-of-breed vendors and supporting an extensive network of IT resellers across the EMEA region. Distology believes in the power of people as well as technology, with culture and customer service playing a key role in its business approach, alongside leading security products. Distology’s ethos is based on collaboration, trust and transparency, and its passionate and energetic workforce acts as an extension of its vendors that the brand heavily invests in.

  • Sector: Wholesale Trader
  • Region: Stockport
  • Employee growth rate: 33%
Talos360 logo

25.  Janette Martin - Talos360 Limited

Over the past eleven years, Talos360 has firmly established itself as a market leader in talent SAAS solutions and online recruitment media, with its innovations in the HR software space solving tomorrow’s talent challenges. Talos360 is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing people tech businesses in the UK, and its proprietary talent tech offers businesses a better way to attract, engage and retain the best teams to survive, thrive and grow.

  • Sector: Software Development
  • Region: Warrington
  • Employee growth rate: 33%
Troy Foods logo

26.  Tracey Leigh Kempley - Troy Foods (Salads) Limited

Troy Foods (Salads) is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of mayonnaise and dressed salads. Troy Foods mayonnaise is used in a wide range of applications from retail catering, sandwiches, salads, savoury dips, fillings and toppings, and the company also manufactures a comprehensive range of prepped, dressed salads such as coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salads and dips. The business’s relationships are built on loyalty, trust and respect, meaning it is able to flex and react quickly to the needs of its customers.

  • Sector: Food Production
  • Region: Leeds
  • Employee growth rate: 33%
Hallam Medical logo

27.  Deborah McCain - Hallam Medical Limited

Hallam Medical is the UK’s leading advanced practice healthcare recruitment partner. Hallam Medical is passionate about providing quality healthcare professionals to Primary Care, Urgent Care, Community Care, Emergency Services and 111 Pathway Services. Hallam Medical works in partnership with The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI), the Association of Advanced Practice Educators (AAPE UK), The Queen’s Nursing Institute Community Nurse Executive Network (QNI CNEN) and the Integrated Care Board Chief Nurse Network (ICB).

  • Sector: Employment and Recruitment
  • Region: Sheffield
  • Employee growth rate: 32%
The Liberti Group logo

28.  Sara Daw - The Liberti Group Limited

The Liberti Group is the parent company of the CFO Centre. The CFO Centre has been adding value to the lives of its clients since 2001 and now, it has an even bolder ambition. CFO focuses on the Numbers that Really Matter and the number that really matters to CFO is one million – because its passion and drive is to improve the lives of one million people. The CFO Centre helps entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by building their desires into strategies that create stunningly successful businesses.

  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Region: Swindon
  • Employee growth rate: 32%
High Speed Training logo

29.  Carole Urey - High Speed Training Limited

High Speed Training is proud to be one of the UK’s leading online training providers, and is on a mission to create and deliver the widest possible range of online vocational training courses ranging from Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, Health & Safety, and Professional Development, empowering its learners to reach their career goals. The business believes that giving its learners access to the largest and most comprehensive range of compliance and employability courses will increase the impact it has on its learners’ careers.

  • Sector: E-Learning
  • Region: Ilkley
  • Employee growth rate: 31%
Pizza Express logo

30.  Paula MacKenzie - PizzaExpress (Restaurants) Limited

PizzaExpress, established in 1965, is an iconic British restaurant chain renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine and stylish dining experience. With over 400 locations worldwide, PizzaExpress offers a diverse menu featuring freshly made pizzas, pastas, salads, and more. Embracing a commitment to quality ingredients and innovative flavours, PizzaExpress has become a beloved destination for casual dining, family outings, and special occasions. Its vibrant atmosphere, friendly service, and culinary excellence continue to captivate pizza lovers around the globe.

  • Sector: Restaurants
  • Region: Uxbridge
  • Employee growth rate: 31%
Recorra logo

31.  Alison Roe - Recorra Ltd

Recorra, formerly known as Paper Round, Brighton Paper Round, BPR Group, and Reef Environmental, is a leading commercial recycling expert committed to shaping the future of resource management. Established in 1988 by Friends of the Earth and now an independent entity, Recorra embodies environmental stewardship at its core. With a focus on sustainability, Recorra offers reliable, flexible, and responsive recycling solutions, empowering businesses to manage resources responsibly for a cleaner planet. Through collaboration and innovation, Recorra drives the circular economy, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

  • Sector: Environmental Science Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 31%
Lisini Pub Company logo

32.  Siobhan Edwards- Lisini Pub Company Limited

Lisini Pub Company, a renowned independent, family-run hospitality business in Scotland, boasts over 50 years of experience. With a sterling reputation for quality, impeccable service, and a welcoming atmosphere, Lisini’s portfolio of hotels, bars, and restaurants in Lanarkshire are beloved destination venues. From Angels Hotel in Uddingston to The Castle Rooms in Uddingston, each venue exudes its unique charm while maintaining Lisini’s hallmark excellence. Lisini Pub Company stands as a beacon of hospitality and excellence in the Scottish hospitality industry.

  • Sector: Food Shop
  • Region: Coatbridge
  • Employee growth rate: 30%
Diagnostic Healthcare logo

33.  Liat Karni - Diagnostic Healthcare Limited

Diagnostic Healthcare was established in 2004 and is one of the UK’s largest independent providers of imaging services to both NHS and private patients. It is a key partner to the NHS, with substantial experience of working across both primary and secondary care sectors, supporting Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and NHS Trusts with imaging, reporting, and staffing capacity. Diagnostics Healthcare has established over 75 community clinics in the UK across more than 15 Integrated Care Boards (ICBs).

  • Sector: Clinics Private
  • Region: Manchester
  • Employee growth rate: 30%
Travail Employment Group logo

34.  Judi Arditi - Travail Employment Group Limited

Travail, established in 1977, excels in recruitment by consulting with employers and workers to meet their needs effectively. Known for fair dealing and legal compliance, Travail offers expert advice and reliable placements for temporary workers. Travail’s commitment to professionalism and listening to applicants’ needs sets it apart in permanent placements. With a mix of wholly owned and franchised offices, Travail is among the largest independently owned recruitment organisations in the UK, prioritising the well-being of workers, clients, staff, and owners.

  • Sector: Employment and Recruitment
  • Region: Gloucester
  • Employee growth rate: 29%
Healix logo

35.  Jessica Tubb - Healix Health Services Limited

Healix provides healthcare and risk management solutions around the world, offering bespoke services to clients who want control over their health, travel, and risk provision. Healix first began in 1992 when its founders set up a medical assistance provider built on clinical expertise. Today, Healix has expanded to bring risk management and healthcare services under one roof, giving its clients total peace of mind that it has the ability to fulfil a duty of care.

  • Sector: Car Insurance
  • Region: Esher
  • Employee growth rate: 29%
Pollinate International logo

36.  Fiona Roach Canning - Pollinate International Limited

Pollinate is a dynamic collective dedicated to enhancing merchant experiences in collaboration with banking partners. Founded in 2017 to revolutionise merchant acquisition for NatWest, Pollinate officially formed as a company in October 2019. Based in London, its team of over one hundred professionals is committed to empowering SMBs with 21st-century tools for growth and success. Now working with leading banks globally, Pollinate is reshaping commerce and driving innovation in the financial sector.

  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 29%

37.  Helen Swaby - Clarendon Fine Art

With over 30 successful years at the forefront of the fine art market, Clarendon Fine Art proudly stands as the world’s leading fine art retailer. Clarendon Fine Art’s phenomenal list of award-winning artists includes many of the biggest names within the international, contemporary and modern masters art scene. Believing in the transformative power of art, they remain committed to shaping the future of the art world, enhancing spaces and lives through expertise, passion, and innovation across the globe.

  • Sector: Art Galleries Fine Art Dealer
  • Region: Lichfield
  • Employee growth rate: 28%
Sagacity logo

38.  Anita Dougall - Sagacity Solutions Ltd

Sagacity, founded in 2005, champions the intelligent use of data, serving as a trusted partner to leading brands across various sectors. With a customer-centric approach and a remarkable +82 Net Promoter Score, Sagacity empowers companies to make informed decisions fuelled by data insights. Sector-agnostic, its expertise spans water, energy, telecoms, financial services, charity, and retail industries. By transforming customer data into actionable insights, Sagacity enables businesses to enhance prospecting, marketing, management, billing, collections, and retention strategies, driving long-term value.

  • Sector: IT Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 27%
Talbots Law logo

39.  Mary Morgan - Talbots Law Ltd

Talbots Law, a prominent solicitor’s firm in the West Midlands and Worcestershire, sets itself apart by offering extended hours of operation, ensuring accessibility and convenience for clients. Providing a wide range of legal services including wills, employment advice, divorce, business services, and conveyancing, Talbots prioritises ease of access to legal advice. Renowned for its commitment to quality, Talbots was among the first local law firms to achieve the prestigious Lexcel quality mark, symbolising its dedication to delivering exceptional legal services in a clear and understandable manner.

  • Sector: Law Firms
  • Region: Stourbridge
  • Employee growth rate: 27%
Wed2b Bridal logo

40.  Jenny Cassidy - Wed2b Limited

Wed2b, a leading bridal retailer with nearly 15 years of experience, is committed to making every bride feel stunning on her wedding day, regardless of budget. Its in-house, limited edition designs, crafted by top bridal manufacturers, are exclusively available in 59 Wed2b stores across the UK and Europe. Offering high-quality gowns in UK sizes 8-30 at prices averaging 40% less than boutiques*, Wed2b ensures brides can find their dream dress and take it home the same day.

  • Sector: Retail
  • Region: Milton Keynes
  • Employee growth rate: 26%
Navigo Health logo

41. Jane Lewington - Navigo Health And Social Care Cic

Navigo Health And Social Care is an award-winning social enterprise that provides mental health services to the NHS and beyond across Northeast Lincolnshire. From acute and community facilities to specialised support like older adult inpatient care and eating disorder treatment, Navigo prioritises exceptional care. Recognised as one of the 100 Best Not-for-Profit Organisations to Work For by The Sunday Times for five consecutive years, and awarded Health and Social Care Social Enterprise of the Year in 2019, Navigo’s commitment extends to creating income-generating ventures.

  • Sector: Mental Health Services
  • Region: Grimsby
  • Employee growth rate: 25%
Evergreen Health Solution logo

42.  Caroline Shaw - Evergreen Health Solutions Ltd

Founded in 2014, Evergreen Life has grown from being a personal health record that puts control in the hands of the user, to a nationwide health and wellbeing platform that spans primary and secondary care, as well as being a research-ready platform for healthcare and life sciences institutions. Evergreen offers solutions for healthcare providers across both primary and secondary care that facilitate a new, efficient relationship between provider and patient, including its unique digital-first Evergreen Connect platform.

  • Sector: Wellness
  • Region: Salford
  • Employee growth rate: 25%
Health Unlimited logo

43. Clare Peck - Health Unlimited Limited

Health Unlimited is an independent, integrated healthcare agency, that thrives on solving tough strategic problems with creative flare. The business believes in curiosity without limits and invests in unconventional minds. Health Unlimited’s blend of real-world intelligence, solid science and fluid thinking changes established attitudes and influences behaviour. It leverages behavioural change models, key audience insights, scientific data and impactful storytelling to deliver compelling content for leading global innovators in the healthcare landscape.

  • Sector: Public Relations Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 24%
Repose Furniture logo

44. Lisa Wardley - Repose Furniture Limited

Repose Furniture, a vital component of the Prism Healthcare group, dedicates itself to enhancing the lives of individuals with health and mobility conditions. With a vision to be the leading provider of mobility solutions in the UK and internationally, Repose offers a range of products that promote choice, affordability, and ease of care. Collaborating closely with Prism Healthcare, Repose delivers high-quality seating solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of caregivers and those under their care.

  • Sector: Metal Furniture Manufacturing
  • Region: Wakefield
  • Employee growth rate: 24%
Amiculum logo

45. Dr. Jenny Putin - AMICULUM Limited

AMICULUM delivers a range of services and consultancy to its healthcare clients. AMICULUM’s core expertise is based on its deep understanding of the science underpinning significant developments in medicine and the clinical practice environment. AMICULUM is familiar with the complexities involved in working in the highly regulated pharmaceutical sector and the needs of all stakeholder groups, including patients, advocates, payors, and healthcare professionals. AMICULUM has experience in a wide range of therapy areas, including rare diseases and genomic medicine.

  • Sector: Network Data Communications
  • Region: Macclesfield
  • Employee growth rate: 23%
Huntress Search Limited logo

46.  Claire Pierce - Huntress Search Limited

Since its establishment in 2000, Huntress has been at the forefront of business support recruitment. Huntress has built its reputation on experienced consultants who know their local markets. Huntress is driven by its passion for supporting clients and candidates across the UK for both local and national businesses alike. Over the past 20 years, Huntress has opened new offices and expanded its markets, including establishing two specialist recruitment brands, Merrifield Consultants and Birchrose Associates.

  • Sector: Employment and Recruitment
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 23%
Mapp Ltd logo

47.  Louise Bonham - Mapp (Property Management) Limited

Mapp manages £30bn+ of real estate in the UK, with services ranging from property and portfolio management, building consultancy, flex and asset transformation, sustainability, consultancy and mobilisation, and asset management. Mapp operates across a variety of sectors including retail, leisure and lifestyle, workplaces, industrial and logistics, science and business parks, and mix-use estates. Mapp holds itself to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

  • Sector: Management of Real Estate
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 23%
Board Intelligence Ltd logo

48.  Pippa Begg/Jennifer Sundberg - Board Intelligence Ltd

Board Intelligence, founded in 2008, is on a mission to help all boards and leadership teams to be a powerful driver of performance and a force for good. Whether it’s newly appointed CEOs looking to align strategy across their leadership teams, or governance professionals instilling best practices before an IPO, leaders use Board Intelligence to transform their organisations. Its clients range from the largest listed companies through to government departments, public bodies, and charities, to smaller, privately-owned and private equity-backed businesses.

  • Sector: Bar Code Software
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 22%
111 Skin Ltd logo

49.  Eva Alexandridis - 111 Skin Ltd

With over 50 products in the range and Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, and Victoria Beckham among its enthusiastic advocates, 111SKIN has become a beauty phenomenon with a reputation for powerful, transformative results. But the brand was founded with just one product and one clear aim: to accelerate skin healing for the patients of world-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides. When it was discovered that the potent serum also provided dramatic anti-ageing benefits, patients began requesting bottle after bottle.

  • Sector: Perfume And Cosmetics
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 22%
Regatta logo

50.  Joanne Black - Regatta Ltd

Regatta Outdoors, a renowned name in outdoor apparel, has been outfitting adventurers since its inception. With a commitment to quality and affordability, Regatta offers a wide range of outdoor clothing and gear suitable for all weather conditions. From waterproof jackets to hiking boots, its products cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. With a focus on innovation and durability, Regatta continues to be a trusted choice for those seeking reliable outdoor gear to embark on their next adventure.

  • Sector: Apparel, Costume Jewelry And Accessories Retailers
  • Region: Manchester
  • Employee growth rate: 21%
Yelspa Apsley logo

51.  Deborah du Val - Yelspa Limited

Apsley Farms is a family-run farm based in Hampshire, utilising the latest technologies to produce low-carbon products. Apsley Farms uses modern farming equipment and techniques to maximise efficiency whilst out in the field. Digestate from the back end of the plant helps to fertilise the following year’s crop. With the different arable contracts available from growing a standing crop to Farm Business Tenancy, Apsley Farms is helping many farmers and landowners with their different needs.

  • Sector: Farming
  • Region: Andover
  • Employee growth rate: 21%
Ascenti logo

52.  Stephanie Dobrikova - Ascenti Physio Limited

Ascenti is the leading provider of physiotherapy and mental health services - helping thousands of people to elevate their health and live active lives every day. With more than 25 years of experience serving both the public and private sectors, Ascenti is an industry-leading expert and a passionate believer in its distinct clinical philosophy. Ascenti is a dynamic and progressive company – advancing physical therapies by making them more accessible to all, raising standards and pioneering new digitally enabled physiotherapy and musculoskeletal (MSK) services.

  • Sector: Physical Therapies
  • Region: Fareham
  • Employee growth rate: 21%
Brunel Pension logo

53.  Laura Chappell- Brunel Pension Partnership Limited

Brunel Pension Partnership is one of eight UK Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pools. It aims to forge better futures by investing in a world worth living in. Brunel does this by making long-term, sustainable investments on behalf of its clients. By using its collective expertise, Brunel seeks to set an example for the industry and to use its voice to argue for broader change. Brunel is proud to be a recognised leader in Responsible Investment.

  • Sector: Investment Trusts
  • Region: Bristol
  • Employee growth rate: 21%
Purity Soft Drinks logo

54.  Sarah Baldwin - Purity Soft Drinks Limited

Purity Soft Drinks is a leading manufacturer of juices and juice drinks. As one of the oldest companies in the UK, Purity started supplying soft drinks by horse-drawn dray in and around Wednesbury, where its drinks became a local favourite. 130 years later, Purity’s mission is to deliver natural refreshment for everyone, in every drop. That’s the Purity Promise. Crafting natural juice-based brands in the UK is the vision, with a promise to be refreshing for all.

  • Sector: Juice Production
  • Region: Wednesbury
  • Employee growth rate: 21%
SHD Composites logo

55.  Helen Doughty - SHD Composite Materials Ltd

SHD Holdings (SHD Group) has subsidiaries in the UK, Europe and the USA. SHD Group manufactures advanced composite tooling and component prepreg materials for a wide range of applications. Suitable for press, oven, or autoclave curing, SHD Holding’s prepreg resin systems can be supplied with a range of reinforcements depending on application requirements. Working to an average of 2 weeks lead time, SHD Holding supplies high quality, high performance materials all over the world from manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

  • Sector: Plastic And Resin Manufacturing
  • Region: Sleaford
  • Employee growth rate: 21%
Chester Race Course logo

56. Louise Stewart - Chester Race Company Limited

Chester Race Company Ltd is a dynamic, constantly evolving organisation with an ever-expanding portfolio. The company owns two existing racecourses (Chester and Bangor-on-Dee), an on-course hotel – the Holiday Inn Express, and two on-site restaurants; 1539 Restaurant & Bar and The White Horse, in addition to the vibrant Chester city-centre bar; Commonhall Social. In June 2020, the company took on the long-term operating contract of a third racecourse in Scotland; Musselburgh. Chester Race Company also operates its own provision of on-course catering via its Horseradish brand.

  • Sector: Tourism
  • Region: Chester
  • Employee growth rate: 20%
Talking Tables logo

57.  Clare Harris - Talking Tables Limited

An organically grown business, Talking Tables provides recyclable party supplies, gifts, and games, as well as quality tableware and party decorations. As well as striving to provide sustainable products for all event needs, the business also uses funds generated by product sales to support community get-togethers, with a mission to put a stop to social isolation. For every order placed, Talking Table donates an item to a community gathering. So everyone, including the elderly and financially disadvantaged, gets to join the fun.

  • Sector: International Trade
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 20%
Travel Chapter logo

58.  Jayne McClure - The Travel Chapter Limited

The Travel Chapter is the business behind, a brand that houses collections of fantastic properties in some of the best locations across the UK. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of guests each year to provide memory-filled holiday experiences, it’s easy to see why is the core brand in The Travel Chapter’s diverse network. is committed to making sure guests have the best possible experience, whether you’re booking a holiday or letting your property.

  • Sector: Travel Agencies
  • Region: Bideford
  • Employee growth rate: 19%
BMT logo

59.  Sarah Kenny OBE - BMT Limited

BMT is a maritime-orientated high-end design house and technical consulting firm driven by a passion for solving complex, real-world problems. With around 1,300+ professionals located in 27 offices in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe, BMT Limited draws upon a wide range of experience and expertise to provide high-quality, high-value products and services. From initial concept through to design, construction, operation, and eventual decommissioning, BMT supports customers at every stage of the project lifecycle.

  • Sector: Business Management Consultants
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 19%
Ethical Food Co logo

60.  Hazel Hunt - Ethical Food Company Limited

Ethical Food Company is dedicated to supplying Ethical Fresh Produce for everyone. Born out of being at the forefront of organic supply in the UK, Ethical Food’s journey started over 30 years ago, sourcing and supplying organic fresh produce to UK consumers and remains at our heart. Its expertise, passion and knowledge of organics ensures Ethical Food Company sources from the best growers around the world to supply a wide range of consistent, high-quality products, ethically sourced via efficient supply chains.

  • Sector: Food And Beverage
  • Region: Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Employee growth rate: 19%
Ramarketing and PR logo

61.  Emma Banks - Ramarketing & Pr Limited

Powering growth in pharma, Ramarketing & Pr is an agency of life science marketing experts with a perfect balance of industry experience, commercial know-how and creative flair. Ramarketing & Pr maintains a laser focus on achieving its clients’ strategic goals through a dedicated, personal, and data-driven approach paired with excellent execution. The hunger to achieve, the courage to try something new, and the commitment to finish what we start are hallmarks of Ramarketing & Pr.

  • Sector: Marketing
  • Region: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Employee growth rate: 18%
Leighton Holdings logo

62. Rebecca Sharp - Leightons Holdings Limited

Leightons provides opticians and hearing care services for people of all ages. The business also helps people to protect their hearing, looking to pick up the first signs of presbyopia in your 40s through to managing your eye and hearing health well into your older years. Leightons invests in the most advanced ways of testing eyes with advanced methods to help detect issues like macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy and may even highlight glaucoma up to five years earlier than traditional testing methods.

  • Sector: Opticians Dispensing
  • Region: Farnham
  • Employee growth rate: 18%
Cofton Country Holidays logo

63. Helen Scott/Mellony Kirby - Cofton Country Holidays Limited

Established for 50 years, Cofton is a family-run holiday park near Dawlish Warren. It prides itself on providing the little extras that make a holiday in Devon that bit more memorable. Cofton Country Holidays provides a variety of Devon Holidays, including child-friendly holidays, fishing holidays and hot tub holidays. Whether it’s a self-catering cottage or a luxury lodge with a hot tub, Cofton’s wide range of accommodations are designed to suit every taste and budget.

  • Sector: Recreational vehicle parks, trailer parks and camping grounds
  • Region: Dawlish
  • Employee growth rate: 18%
Shirley Parsons logo

64. Shirley Parsons - Shirley Parsons Limited

Shirley Parsons is a global professional services firm with expertise in Health & Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Business Improvement. Its mission is simple; to help create a better, safer, and more sustainable world. Shirley Parsons works in partnership with organisations to solve health, safety, sustainability, wellbeing, and quality challenges through the provision of HSEQ & Sustainability expertise in the most efficient and sustainable way. Shirley Parsons’ key advantage is its unmatched global network of talent and resources.

  • Sector: Business To Business Service
  • Region: Aylesbury
  • Employee growth rate: 18%
Laceby Absolute Collagen logo

65. Frances Russell/Darcy  Laceby - Laceby Ltd

Absolute Collagen (company of Laceby Limited) is the original collagen specialist and is tremendously proud of its award-winning marine collagen products where collagen is the hero, and its fabulous Absoluters are the ultimate proof. Absolute Collagen was born from a personal art project which turned out to be life-changing after founder Maxine decided to pursue her dream of going to university to study Fine Art. What started out as a kitchen startup is now the most concentrated collagen supplement on the market.

  • Sector: Chemists And Pharmacies
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 18%
Drake and Morgan logo

66.  Jillian MacLean MBE - Drake & Morgan Limited

Drake & Morgan’s collection of bars and restaurants in London and Manchester are individual, and unique, and offer lovingly crafted escapes from the everyday. Whether you’re stopping by for a breakfast meeting, after-work drinks with the team, weekend brunch with the girls or a delicious dinner, prepare to feel enchanted, indulged and inspired. People can also use Drake & Morgan for events and private hire, as well as for weddings.

  • Sector: Pubs
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 17%
Westgate Healthcare logo

67.  Anji Patel - Westgate Healthcare Group Limited

Westgate is a family-owned and operated care group founded by a nurse and her husband. Westgate’s commitment to personalised care resonates in each of its homes, creating a familial atmosphere cherished by residents. With over 20 years of expertise in specialist and general residential care for older adults, Westgate prioritises resident input and continuous learning. Westgate’s care experience is shaped by resident feedback and expert training for its teams, ensuring top-quality care for every individual.

  • Sector: Nursing Homes
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 16%
Orrsum logo

68.  Victoria Orr - E J Orr Limited

Orrsum, established in 2000, specialises in socks, underwear, and loungewear, blending trendsetting designs with cutting-edge technology to cater to diverse customer bases. With 23 years of global expertise in the hosiery, underwear, and loungewear markets, Orrsum maintains long-term partnerships with renowned brands and major retailers, offering invaluable market insights. As a financially robust company with no third-party funding, Orrsum operates independently, ensuring decisions are always aligned with the business’s best interests and delivering top-quality products tailored to clients’ needs.

  • Sector: Clothing Fabrics Wholesalers
  • Region: Nottingham
  • Employee growth rate: 16%
Hush logo

69.  Sarah Miles - Hush Homewear Limited

Hush, inspired by laid-back Aussie roots and the vibrant energy of London, unites women with a love for relaxed style. Founded by Mandy, an Australian living in London, seeking comfort and style amidst British weather, Hush delivers cosy and effortlessly cool lounge and nightwear. With a belief that fashion should feel as good as it looks, Hush encourages moments of presence and connection. Born from a desire for comfort and style, Hush continues to redefine relaxed fashion with a touch of sophistication.

  • Sector: Clothes Shops
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 16%
Proav logo

70.  Lea Brookes - Proav Limited

Proav is a go-to technology provider, and specialises in designing, integrating, and supporting blended technology solutions encompassing AV, UC, and beyond. Proav’s end-to-end services and round-the-clock support aim to enrich global collaboration and empower seamless communication experiences. With a focus on innovative solutions and continuous support, Proav is dedicated to transforming the way organisations communicate and collaborate in today’s dynamic world.

  • Sector: Audio Visual Production Presentation Services
  • Region: Egham
  • Employee growth rate: 15%
Alfa logo

71.  Caroline Varin - Alfa Financial Software Limited/Professors Without Borders

Professors Without Borders aspires to enhance global teacher mobility, ensuring every student encounters dedicated, professional, and inspiring learning environments. Its mission transcends traditional education, emphasising hands-on engagement to empower students to positively impact their surroundings. By bringing professors directly to students’ doorsteps, Professors Without Borders aims to ignite a passion for learning and instil confidence in students to create positive change, beginning in their immediate communities and extending to the world at large.

  • Sector: IT Services
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 15%
Modplan ogo

72.  Heidi Sachs - Modplan Limited

For over 50 years, Modplan has been manufacturing and supplying leading-edge products to its installing partners for the fenestration market. Fundamental to its success is the ‘Modplan Mission’ to continually exceed customers’ increasing expectations. Today’s installing specialists demand the widest choice, the finest quality and the highest standards of customer service. With Modplan, you can specify, stock and install its products with complete confidence, as the company’s culture is one of quality whilst delivering the highest possible standards at all times.

  • Sector: Double Glazing
  • Region: Newport
  • Employee growth rate: 15%
Oh Polly logo

73.  Claire Henderson - Oh Polly Ltd

Oh Polly, a rapidly expanding pureplay fashion brand, operates globally, rooted in charitable origins through The Brannerson Foundation. With offices in Glasgow, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Dhaka, and Guangzhou, the company boasts over 350 UK employees and 1500 worldwide. Oh Polly’s social-first business model, anchored by industry-leading Instagram and Facebook accounts, has positioned Oh Polly as the 5th most engaged UK clothing retail social media brand in 2019. Today, its combined brand following exceeds 8 million, marking it as one of the UK’s fastest-growing fashion brands.

  • Sector: Retail
  • Region: Glasgow
  • Employee growth rate: 15%
Vet Partners logo

74. Jo Malone - Vetpartners Limited

Established in October 2015, VetPartners is made up of some of the UK’s most respected and trusted small animal, equine, mixed and farm practices and production animal health businesses. In addition, it has an ever-growing network of referral practices to support vets to offer specialist care for small animal and equine patients. VetPartners has over 11,000 employees and 650 sites across all countries and in 2019, expanded into Europe with the addition of practices in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Ireland.

  • Sector: Veterinary Services
  • Region: York
  • Employee growth rate: 14%
Roja logo

75. Audrey Minard - Roja Parfums Holdings Limited

Roja, a luxury perfume house founded by British Perfumer Roja Dove in 2011, meticulously crafts each creation in England using the finest raw materials. From signature scents to home fragrances, Roja’s products evoke emotions and memories, seamlessly becoming an extension of one’s personality. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, Roja fragrances captivate the senses, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

  • Sector: Perfumes
  • Region: Brighton
  • Employee growth rate: 14%
Clarity Environmental logo

76. Natalie Rea - Clarity Environmental Limited

Since 2002, Clarity Environmental has experienced rapid and sustainable growth, becoming a leading packaging compliance scheme in the UK. Often achieving an impressive 100% client retention rate, Clarity takes pride in keeping its customers satisfied. As one of the largest PRN traders in the UK, Clarity offers ethical practices and cost-effective solutions to its partners. Clarity’s mission is to make a difference to the world and all who occupy it: helping improve lives, protect nature, and make the environment around us a better place to live.

  • Sector: Environmental Consultants
  • Region: Brighton
  • Employee growth rate: 14%
Five Rivers logo

77.  Pam McConnell - Five Rivers Child Care Limited

Throughout 30-plus years of providing therapeutic children’s services with clinical, education provision alongside its residential homes and fostering families, Five Rivers Child Care has a dedicated service to children and young people who are in need, creating an environment that nurtures and guides them to a meaningful future. The business is proud to be a partner of choice of over 135 local authorities and NHS Trusts, providing a comprehensive and connected service across five key focus areas.

  • Sector: Adoption Fostering
  • Region: Salisbury
  • Employee growth rate: 14%
Briggs logo

78.  Anna Briggs - Briggs Marine Contractors Limited

Briggs Marine is a leading provider of environmental and marine services, specialising in port and marine operations, subsea and environmental support, and vessel charter. The company’s strengths lie in the delivery of safe, high-quality, cost-effective, multi-discipline marine-based solutions in diverse and challenging environments, on time and budget. By leveraging its successful track record across the full spectrum of marine operations, Briggs Marine enables its customers to focus on and achieve their own strategic goals.

  • Sector: Environmental Consultants
  • Region: Burntisland
  • Employee growth rate: 13%
Economist Newspaper logo

79.  Lara Salameh Boro - The Economist Newspaper Limited

From its beginnings in 1843, when The Economist newspaper was founded by a Scottish hat manufacturer to further the cause of free trade, The Economist Group has evolved into a staunchly independent global media and information services company with intelligent brands for an international audience. Over time, the newspaper has helped readers grasp the great drivers of change, from technology to geopolitics, finance, and economics. In recent years, the great change has been digital. The EIU started to deliver a timely stream of business intelligence and data.

  • Sector: Newspaper Publishing
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 13%
Aspirations Care logo

80.  Christine Cameron - Aspirations Care Limited

Aspirations is skilled in providing person-centred, outcome-based support for vulnerable people. It believes that individuals have the right to lead active and fulfilling lives, participating within their community. Aspirations can either provide this support in people’s own homes or in properties which it can help source, alongside trusted housing providers to secure individuals their own tenancy. Individuals are helped to maximise their abilities and opportunities to improve their quality of life. Each person is also encouraged to work towards increasing their independence in their local community.

  • Sector: Home Care Services
  • Region: Gloucester
  • Employee growth rate: 13%
A and E Leisure logo

81.  Jenny Green - AEL Leisure Limited

AEL specialises in creating unique and inspiring outdoor environments. AEL is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative commercial furniture and structures for the alfresco, hospitality and leisure industries. Working closely with some of the UK’s most popular brands and chains for many years, its reputation has been built on the idea of quality without compromise. The high level of repeat customers AEL gets is down to its service; from the initial concept and design, through to installation and ongoing aftercare.

  • Sector: Travel Agencies
  • Region: Reading
  • Employee growth rate: 13%
Savannah logo

82. Katrina Cheverton - Savannah Group Limited

Savannah, founded in 2002, and rebranded as Savannah in 2017, is the next-generation executive search and leadership consulting firm. Savannah is not like other search firms. It doesn’t sell cookie-cutter solutions, recycle old networks or recommend the same familiar faces every time. Instead, Savannah believes in ‘thinking beyond’. Pushing itself to look broader and deeper for candidates who might be overlooked. Challenging team members to find new, better ways of doing things. Investing more and more in people and AI.

  • Sector: Employment and Recruitment
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 12%

83.  Val Roberts - Salons Direct Limited

Salons Direct was founded in 1992 as a husband-and-wife mail-order team packing orders from their living room. There was no warehouse and all stock was kept in their house. 17 years on with the help of their 2 daughters Danielle and Gemma, Salons Direct launched its first e-commerce website in 2009. Since then, Salons Direct has grown into the UK’s largest online supplier to the professional hair and beauty industry with over 15,000 products, from some of the biggest brands in the industry!

  • Sector: Beauty Products
  • Region: Wirral
  • Employee growth rate: 12%

84.  Louise Graham - Graham and Green Limited

Lou Graham continues to steer the renowned independent and family-run company with a vibrant and dynamic approach. Celebrating 50 years of business, Graham and Green has built its reputation on its eclectic and spirited collections. Inspired by global travel and cultural exploration, Lou and the team at Graham and Green journey worldwide, curating items that spark joy and inspiration. Their mission is not just to sell products but to share the excitement and beauty of these discoveries with their community, enhancing homes and lives with a sense of adventure and warmth.

  • Sector: Retail
  • Region: Bath
  • Employee growth rate: 12%

85. Jane Wilson - William Lamb Group Limited

William Lamb Group is an expert at translating brands to retail and the market leader in licensed children’s footwear and accessories. Its mission is to deliver a seamless end-to-end service creating high-quality products that delight customers. It’s William Lamb’s unique ability to bring products to life that makes it the first-choice supplier for world-renowned brands. Its end-to-end service takes care of all elements of production, from the design of the product through to delivery.

  • Sector: Wholesale Trade
  • Region: Wakefield
  • Employee growth rate: 12%

86.  Catherine Lyons - Planet X Ltd

Founded in Sheffield, Planet X has been designing and building bikes for over 30 years. As cycling advocates and enthusiasts, Planet X wants to encourage as many people as possible to experience the joy of riding a great bike without paying hugely inflated prices. Planet X bikes are assembled by hand in the UK by its cytech-trained mechanics. Every bike is rigorously checked and packed with care by Planet X’s expert packing team to ensure that bikes arrive ready to ride.

  • Sector: Online Shopping
  • Region: Leeds
  • Employee growth rate: 11%
Wave logo

87.  Lucy Darch - Wave

Wave Utilities is an award-winning, national water retailer, here to help businesses like yours drive down water use and lower your utility bills. Formed from Anglian Water Business and NWG Business, Wave’s background means the business has got the specialist expertise to help you get the most out of the open water market in England. Wave is who you’d speak to day-to-day, who’ll send you your bills, carry out your meter reads, and support you with your questions.

  • Sector: Water Companies
  • Region: Durham
  • Employee growth rate: 11%

88.  Kristina Blahnik - Manolo Blahnik International Limited

Manolo Blahnik is an independent, family-run, British brand providing luxury designer footwear for men and women. Manolo’s passion and creativity is its driving force. Manolo’s ethos is to optimise and not maximise, making decisions that feel right. Manolo Blahnik is honoured to support the following charities and initiatives around the world. Each cause remains integral to the heart of the house, the Manolo Blahnik community.

  • Sector: Retail
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 11%

89. Kathleen Ramsey - Ramsay Timber Limited

Ramsay Timber is a timber importing and bespoke wood machinist firm, that takes great pride in being part of a thriving industry that caters to the diverse needs of joiners, builders, craftsmen, and enthusiasts. The business combines expertise in sourcing the finest timber from around the world with advanced machinery to produce made-to-order timber products tailored to the unique requirements of its customers. Ramsay Timber relies on a network of suppliers across the globe to acquire the highest quality timber.

  • Sector: Wood Products Except Furniture Manufacturers
  • Region: Wigan
  • Employee growth rate: 11%

90.  Farah Janmohamed - Wren Laboratories Limited

Wren Laboratories is the creator of Optibac Probiotics, UK & Ireland’s most trusted & recommended brand of friendly bacteria supplements. As specialists in friendly bacteria, Optibac has a wide range of products to meet individual needs. Optibac’s supplements are extensively researched and proven to not only reach the gut alive but to complement the natural microbiome. Optibac is the proud winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and is committed to helping our planet and others.

  • Sector: Manufacturing
  • Region: Andover
  • Employee growth rate: 10%

91. Vanessa Gold - Ann Summers Ltd

Ann Summers, a leading British retailer, has been empowering individuals to embrace their sexuality since 1972. Offering a wide range of lingerie, adult toys, and accessories, Ann Summers aims to promote sexual wellness and confidence. With a commitment to inclusivity and body positivity, its products cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Renowned for its bold and innovative approach, Ann Summers continues to challenge taboos and redefine the lingerie and adult retail industry, empowering customers to explore and embrace their desires.

  • Sector: Lingerie Hosiery Shops
  • Region: Whyteleafe
  • Employee growth rate: 10%

92.  Sara Davies MBE - Crafter’s Companion Limited

Crafter’s Companion, born from Sara Davies’ university bedroom dream, revolutionised papercraft with The Enveloper. Over sixteen years of hard work, the business expanded to offer thousands of crafting essentials worldwide, from stamps to sewing tools. Since 2012, its Spectrum Noir colouring supplies and Threaders sewing ranges have flourished. In 2020, Crafter’s welcomed organisational giant Totally Tiffany, and in 2021, introduced chic brand Violet Studio, continuing the legacy of enhancing creative journeys globally.

  • Sector: Internet Services
  • Region: Newton Aycliffe
  • Employee growth rate: 10%

93. Deirdra Moynihan - Venn Group Limited

Venn Group, established in 2001, focuses on the relationships needed to deliver the best recruitment service. Venn Group’s specialist teams are connected to the best talent in the country, and are experts in providing the most suitable recruitment solution for your requirement. Whether this be a short-term helping hand, a bridging interim, a new position, or the creation of an entire project delivery team, Venn Group is committed to delivering a positive and cost-effective outcome.

  • Sector: Staffing And Recruiting
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 10%

94.  Tania Boler  - Chiaro Technology Limited

Chiaro Technology is the creator of Elvie - one of the original FemTech companies. Elvie has spent over 10 years developing cutting-edge tech and breaking societal taboos in order to level up women’s lives. Products developed by the company include Kegel trainers and hospital-grade performance electric breast pumps. Elvie’s core mission is to empower women, and the business believes that anybody who can use its products should feel empowered to use them, whether they identify as a woman or not.

  • Sector: Used Goods Stores
  • Region: London
  • Employee growth rate: 9%

95. Carolyne Vale - Wilson Vale Catering Management Limited

Wilson Vale is a contract caterer driven by quality and sustainability with craftsmanship at every level of what the business does. Wilson Vale Catering Management creates fresh, exciting and delicious food for workplace restaurants, conference venues and independent schools throughout the UK. Providing a bespoke and supportive catering management service, the business acts as an extension of its clients’ culture, wellbeing, and sustainability ethos.

  • Sector: Caterers
  • Region: Farnborough
  • Employee growth rate: 9%

96. Paula Keys - Consensus Support Services Limited

Consensus is dedicated to empowering and inspiring people with learning disabilities, autism, and complex needs to embrace the best life has to offer through its residential and supported living services. Consensus is a provider that truly cares and understands that every moment matters - from the everyday moments to the exceptional moments – and loves making a difference to the lives of the people it supports. It has also been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women in 2023.

  • Sector: Disability Special Needs Services
  • Region: Colchester
  • Employee growth rate: 9%

97.  Victoria Hampson - Natural Baby Shower Ltd

Natural Baby Shower is home to beautiful eco-friendly products all carefully handpicked for you and your little ones. Inspired by their time in New Zealand, founders Vics + Clifton wanted to provide parents with natural and sustainable baby products that were the very best for parents, babies, and the planet, all under one roof. In 15 years, it has grown from a team of 2 at the kitchen table to a team of over 75 employees at its HQ in Bracknell.

  • Sector: Sunglasses Retailers
  • Region: Bagshot
  • Employee growth rate: 9%

98.  Louise Frankland - Mansfield, Pollard & Co. Limited

For over 155 years, Mansfield Pollard’s air management experts have transformed thousands of working environments. When there is a need to control temperature, remove pollutants or limit noise, Mansfield Pollard designs, manufactures and installs a solution no matter how complex the project. From hospitals to hospitality and swimming pools to server rooms, the business recognises that every building and environment is unique. Mansfield Pollard’s engineers custom design all its quality products and are driven to maximise energy efficiency and provide exceptional value.

  • Sector: Manufacturers
  • Region: Bradford
  • Employee growth rate: 9%

99.  Gail McManus - Private Equity Recruitment Ltd

Private Equity Recruitment (PER), is the leading retained search and recruitment specialist for private markets professionals. It works across investment strategies, in-house functions, and geographies. Whether you are building your team or seeking a vital strategic hire, PER goes to extraordinary lengths to identify and attract exceptional professionals for private equity, venture capital, private credit, secondaries, and real assets. Every day, PER brings people together who will shape the future of this dynamic, international industry.

  • Sector: Venture Capital And Principal Trading
  • Region: Dartford
  • Employee growth rate: 9%

100.  Becky Potter - Yorkshire Farmhouse Eggs Limited

Based in the idyllic surroundings of the Vale of York, the farm provides the very highest standards in free-range egg production and packing. Beginning in 1970, the business sought to supply fresh free-range eggs that were produced under the highest standards of welfare for its hens. Demand quickly grew for its award-winning local eggs, as did the business. It is these original values of quality and welfare that underpin how the farm is run to this day.

  • Sector: Food And Beverage
  • Region: Thirsk
  • Employee growth rate: 8%

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