Encouraging more women into the tech sector: our commitment to apprenticeships and other partnerships

Wednesday 24 April 2024 15:13 BST
(Go Live Data)

As the demand for skilled professionals in the tech sector continues to grow, a significant gender gap persists within the industry with women being underrepresented within many tech roles. As an innovative data and marketing company, we recognise only too well the importance of diversity and inclusivity in creating a dynamic workplace which is why we are committed to encouraging more women into technology. According to Adam Herbert, CEO of Go Live Data, he sees this as happening by creating even more apprenticeships and strategic partnerships - with the many training providers in place.

The gap is a persistent challenge

The tech industry has long been criticised for its lack of gender diversity. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), women held only twenty-six percent of professional computing occupations in 2020, highlighting a substantial disparity in representation which presents a real business challenge, because the more diverse teams have been shown to be more innovative, productive, and successful.

Despite the growing demand for tech skills, many women are deterred from entering the sector caused by certain barriers including lack of access to training opportunities, a degree of gender bias and a lack of female role models in the industry. As a data and marketing company, our business strategy is to do our best to address these challenges by creating a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

Empowerment through training

An effective way to encourage women into tech is through apprenticeship programs which provide hands-on training, mentorship, all tied in with real-world experience which is invaluable. They’re an excellent pathway for people to gain the skills and confidence they need and at Go Live Data, we have an apprenticeship program designed to support the women who work for us.

Our apprenticeship program offers participants the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals on meaningful projects, gaining valuable insights into the data and marketing industry. Through hands-on experience, apprentices can develop essential technical skills, such as data analysis, programming, and digital marketing, while building their professional network and gaining exposure to potential career opportunities.

Relationships with training providers

In addition to our apprenticeship program, we are committed to building strong relationships with colleges and other training providers to expand access to tech education for women. By partnering with reputable organisations, we can offer our female employees and apprentices access to high-quality training programs, workshops, and courses that align with the various needs of the tech industry.

By forming strategic partnerships gives us the chance to offer a diverse range of learning opportunities, from coding and programming to data analytics and more. We can work closely with these organisations to tailor training programs to the specific needs and interests of women in tech, ensuring they are relevant, engaging, and accessible.

An inclusive ‘tech’ ecosystem

At our core we believe diversity drives innovation. By encouraging more women to enter the tech sector through apprenticeships and partnerships with the range of training providers in place, we’re not only addressing the gender gap but also fostering a more inclusive and vibrant tech ‘ecosystem,’ which in turn is making important strides in empowering women to succeed in the industry. We also recognise there’s still some work to be done, and as a young and forward-thinking company it’s also our responsibility.

At Go Live Data, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the market, committed to helping the UK business market succeed by providing innovative data services and engagement campaigns that drive results. By leveraging our services, businesses can ensure they are using the most effective marketing techniques available and stay ahead of the competition.

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