Michael Moore calls for protests and civil disobedience to stop Donald Trump two days before Electoral College votes

'The man has no right to enter that house'

Heather Saul
Saturday 17 December 2016 13:27 GMT
Michael Moore calls for protests and civil disobedience to stop Donald Trump two days before Electoral College votes

Michael Moore has issued an urgent message to Americans to get out and stop Donald Trump from being inaugurated as President, before it is too late.

The documentarian and vociferous critic of Mr Trump is demanding those feeling disillusioned manifest their anger into action with protests and civil disobedience. After Democrats conceded to Mr Trump, Moore is urging people to rediscover their inner fight and take it to the streets to stop the billionaire business magnate entering the White House.

He told MSNBC the new strategy must be one of fighting fire with fire. “Protesting, obstructing, disrupting,“ he said. "Civil disobedience. The man has no right to enter that house.”

Moore criticised the Democrats for showing restraint in the face of Mr Trump’s victory despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote by almost three million. There would have been no concession from Republicans, says Moore. “The Clinton campaign and President Obama - everybody’s trying to be the nice guy. This is not the time. This is serious stuff that is ahead of us here. Our democracy here is at risk.”

With hours until the Electoral College votes to officially confirm Mr Trump as the 45th US President, Moore said taking the high road is futile. Protests, he argued, must continue up to Mr Trump's inauguration on 20 January and beyond.

“Listen, we’re hours away now from the Electoral College coming together on Monday. This needs protest, this needs people’s voices. You can go to Vigils for America. And they have a list of all the state protests at the state capitols this weekend and on Monday. People need to have their voice heard. Don’t say to yourself, ‘Well, what’s the use? How do we - nothing’s going to happen.’ You don’t know that. You don’t know that. That’s why we have to keep fighting. We have to fight all the way to Inauguration Day and then be ready for them to start the day after the inauguration passing law after law after law.”

Unite for America has pulled together a number of famous names to issue an eleventh-hour plea to Republican members of the Electoral College in a video reminding them of their purpose to prevent a demagogue from coming to power.

But Moore, who on Wednesday warned Mr Trump “is gonna get us killed” because of his disregard for daily intelligence briefings, wants more than a video. He wants real displays of dissent.

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