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Michael Moore warns Donald Trump 'is gonna get us killed' in blistering attack on President-elect

Fahrenheit 9/11 director compares Donald Trump to George W. Bush for not attending daily intelligence breifings 

Heather Saul
Wednesday 14 December 2016 11:24 GMT
Moore speaking on 'Late Night' with Seth Meyers
Moore speaking on 'Late Night' with Seth Meyers (NBC/YouTube)

Michael Moore’s warnings about Donald Trump are becoming increasingly apocalyptic and, judging by the absurdity of events in the US after the election, perhaps not entirely without reason.

Debates over the impact of fake news after Mr Trump's election continue as the truth becomes increasingly stranger than fiction. One tweet temporarily knocked $3.5bn off Lockheed Martin’s market value on Monday. On Tuesday, Kanye West strolled into Trump Tower for a 15-minute meeting with the President-elect to discuss “life”, a meeting which came after it emerged Mr Trump has been declining classified briefings prepared by US intelligence agencies on critical issues and threats posed to America.

Moore held nothing back on Wednesday in a Facebook post warning: “Donald Trump is gonna get us killed.”

Mr Trump confirmed reports he has been skipping daily intelligence briefings, telling Fox News he is “smart” and doesn't need to hear “the same thing over and over each day for eight years”. Instead, Mr Trump said he is receiving intelligence "when I need it".

Michael Moore suggests Trump still might not become President

In his post, the documentarian warned of another President who took a similarly lax approach to intelligence ahead of the 9/11 terror attacks and failed to act immediately on one presidential daily briefing which warned Bin Laden was determined to strike the US with planes. The briefing was shown to be prescient when the attack was carried out weeks later.

Moore is most widely known for his film about the September 11 terror attack, Fahrenheit 9/11. The documentary, which became the highest-grossing of all time, delivered a scathing analysis of George W. Bush’s administration and the War on Terror.

Moore writes: “On August 6, 2001, he [Mr Bush] was on a month-long vacation at his ranch in Texas. That morning, the White House Counsel handed him his daily national security briefing. He glanced at it, set it aside and then went fishing for the rest of the day. Below is the photo of that moment which I showed the world in “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The headline on the security briefing reads: BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE INSIDE US. On the top page it tells how bin Laden will do this: with planes.

“George W. Bush didn't leave the ranch to go back to work for the next four weeks. In the fifth week, bin Laden attacked the US with planes on September 11th.

“So, my fellow Americans, when the next terrorist attack happens - and it will happen, we all know that - and after the tragedy is over, amidst the death and destruction that might have been prevented, you will see Donald Trump acting quickly to blame everyone but himself. He will suspend constitutional rights. He will round up anyone he deems a threat. He will declare war, and his Republican Congress will back him.

"And no one will remember that he wasn't paying attention to the growing threat. Wasn't attending the daily national security briefings. Was playing golf instead or meeting with celebrities or staying up til 3am tweeting about how unfair CNN is."

Mr Trump's volatility has been demonstrated in recent days by the sporadic tweets often issued in the early hours of the morning. His anger is largely reserved for media outlets daring to scrutinise his behaviour, venting his irritation over Alec Baldwin’s impressions of him on Saturday Night Live and branding reports he will be actively working on the Celebrity Apprentice “fake news”. Meanwhile, a ceasefire in Aleppo crumbles, those trapped inside face one of the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history and the aftershocks from the instability developing across the Middle East continue to reverberate across the world. These are issues his tweets have yet to address.

Moore concluded his mini-essay with an unequivocal message for Mr Trump about who would be held to account when the next terror strike devastates the US.

“It is YOU who will be charged by the American people with a gross dereliction of duty. It was YOUR job to pay attention, to protect the country.

"We will remember that while the plot to kill Americans was being hatched, your time was consumed by whom you saw as the real threat to America: Alec Baldwin in a wig.”

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