Mystery over park bench memorial plaque paying tribute to cheating husband

Dates on the plaque have led some to question its authenticity

Lydia Patrick
Sunday 24 March 2024 15:05 GMT
The bench is located in one Bristol’s most affluent areas
The bench is located in one Bristol’s most affluent areas (Alex Ross)

A mysterious plaque paying tribute to a lost husband, father and “adulterer” has been spotted on a park bench in Bristol.

A commemorative plaque on a bench in Royal York Crescent has caused a stir amongst locals as it reads: “For my love/Husband, Father, Adulterer”, followed by: “Yes, Roger, I knew.”

The birth date inscribed is 6/9/69 while the death date is 25/12/23 - last Christmas Day - which has led residents to doubt its authenticity.

Resident Tachel Weaver-Tooley whose flat’s balcony overlooks the illustrious crescent, told the paper: “Revenge is a dish best served cold … and in a brass plate,” she says in the spring sunshine. “But look at the numbers in dates 69 69. Come on!”

Local sleuths have taken on the task of finding the elusive ‘Roger’, assuming he even exists. Kim Collins asked the local cobblers about the origins of the plaque since they are the only business within a close proximity to offer engraving services, she explained.

The mystery plaque which has appeared on bench in Clifton, Bristol - paying tribute to ‘Husband, Father, Adulterer (Tom Wren / SWNS)

Jason Smith, who lives with Ms Collins, told the Guardian the area attracts a lot of eccentrics, including writers and artists.

Crowds have gathered to view the puzzling plaque, says local Sue Wells, whose husband Martin thinks there is some truth behind the message.

He said: “If it’s real, [his spouse] has put up with this for years and only when he has died did they feel able to tell the truth … a very passive person.”

Social media users are also entangled in the plaque’s mystery.

Jill Mansell, a local novelist, shared on X: “Can’t stop thinking about this plaque which has appeared on a bench on Royal York Crescent in Clifton. My best guess is that the other person lives close by.”

She continued: “Just had a thought - maybe Roger’s still alive and the dates refer to the length of the marriage. Maybe he walked out on her on Christmas day. (God, I’m brilliant. I should be a writer).”

Heidi Stephens, a stategist and author, replied: “This is the most Clifton revenge, isn’t it? So elegant and refined, but also BRUTAL.

“The rumour is it’s a Banksy, but I prefer to think there are other Bristolians who can drop such devastating, hell-hath-no-fury satire.”

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