Man accidentally eats Cadbury Creme Egg worth £10,000

YouTuber Adam Davis was filming himself in his van when he reached for the chocolate Easter treat

Olive Loveridge-Greene
Jam Press
Friday 17 March 2023 17:46 GMT
Man accidentally eats Creme Egg worth £10,000

A man has been left devastated after claiming he accidentally ate a Cadbury's Creme Egg - worth £10,000.

Adam Davis was filming himself in his van last week when he reached for the Easter treat.

He munched on the gooey snack but said he didn’t realise the different colours, claiming he was "too hungry" to clock on.

It wasn't until his friends pointed out the odd colouring in the video that Adam said he realised he had gobbled down the cash prize.

Cadbury relaunched its Creme Egg hunt by hiding 280 half white, half milk chocolate versions across UK stores.

Customers who purchase one of the mixed eggs can claim a £10,000 prize.

Adam, of Sevenoaks, Kent, who runs the YouTube channel Adz Ventures, said: "I didn't notice as it didn't taste any different to me. I was just hungry.

"I don't feel too bad about eating it. I mean who else can say they ate ten grand in 30 seconds.

"Money comes and goes but a story of an epic fail lasts a lifetime.

"But yeah obviously the money would've been nice.

He is now calling on the chocolate giant to fork out some of the prize money.

Adam added: "Cadbury should give me at least some of the prize money as a consolation prize.

"When you think about it it's one less egg that someone else can find.

"To be fair though I had no idea the competition even existed so it's certainly not their fault.

"And if I had realised and sent it to them, there's every chance it would've been lost in the post anyway."

Cadbury has been contacted for comment.

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