Man swims across canal to save cat stuck on pole

'She was super friendly considering everything'

Maya Yagoda
Tuesday 01 May 2018 23:54 BST
Man swims across canal to save trapped cat

A man swam across a canal in Walsden, West Yorkshire after spotting a cat trapped on a wooden pole.

The animal had become stuck against a wall in the middle of the canal with no means of escape.

Jack Bennett took to the challenge of reaching the cat as his father filmed the rescue attempt.

“My dad was walking our husky, Tomsky, in the morning and he gave me a call to get out of bed and help him save this cat stuck on a pole across the canal,” Mr Bennett said.

“People passing by commented about how strange it was, but no-one wanted to do anything about it.”

Mr Bennett placed the cat over his shoulder and swam across the canal using only one arm, emerging drenched on the other side. The cat was unharmed in the process.

“She was super friendly considering everything,” Mr Bennett added.

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