London Bridge attack: The innocent victims who lost their lives during Borough Market van and knife rampage

Eight people were killed and 48 injured by three terrorists 

Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith
Wednesday 07 June 2017 11:46
Theresa May: London attack was 'on the free world'

The death toll from the London Bridge terror attack has risen to eight after detectives recovered a body from the River Thames.

Terrorists rammed a white van into pedestrians on London Bridge on Saturday before stabbing revellers in nearby Borough Market.

Police shot and killed the three perpetrators within eight minutes of the alarm being raised, but 48 people had already been injured.

French national Xavier Thomas is believed to have been hit by the van and thrown off the bridge in the onslaught. His body was recovered from the Thames near Limehouse on Tuesday.

There are 15 victims still in critical care, who have all been identified, the Metropolitan police said.

Canadian Christine Archibald was the first victim to be identified following the atrocity.

The 30-year-old was on the bridge with her fiancé Tyler Ferguson when she was hit by the van.

Mr Ferguson’s sister, Cassie Ferguson Rowe, said her brother held Ms Archibald in his arms as she died.

Ms Archibald worked in a homeless shelter in Canada before moving to Europe to be with her fiancé, her family in Castlegar, British Columbia, said in a statement.

Canadian Christine Archibald was killed on London Bridge

She “would have had no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death,” they said.

They asked those who want to honour her to volunteer their time or donate to a homeless shelter and to tell them "Chrissy sent you."

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said he was “heartbroken” to learn of Ms Archibald’s death.

The second victim of the London Bridge terror attack to be named was James McMullan, whose family revealed his identity ahead of official confirmation.

James McMullan's death was revealed by his family

Melissa McMullan, his sister, made a tearful statement in the centre of the capital on Monday saying she believed the 32-year-old had died.

“This morning we received news from police that my brother’s bank card was found on one of the bodies from Saturday night’s brutal attack, but they are unable to formally identify him until the coroner’s report begins tomorrow," she said.

“We would like to send our condolences to the relatives and loved ones of all the people who lost their lives, our thoughts are with them also at this time.

“We would like to thank all the members of the services who did their utmost to serve and protect the population of London from these deranged and deluded individuals.

Her family said Kirsty was 'loved and adored by her family, friends and boyfriend' (Kirsty Boden via Met Police)

“While our pain will never diminish it is important for us all to carry on with our lives in direct opposition to those who would try to destroy us, and remember that hatred is the refuge of small-minded individuals and will only breed more.

“This is not a course we will follow, despite our loss.”

Australian Kirsty Boden ran towards people being attacked to try to help them before herself being killed, according to a statement released by her family.

“Kirsty was loved and adored by her family, friends and boyfriend. She was the most outgoing, kind and generous person who loved to help people. Helping people was what she loved to do in her job as a nurse and in her daily life," the statement said.

Le Parisien daily newspaper named the dead man as 36-year-old Sebastian Belanger

“As she ran towards danger, in an effort to help people on the bridge, Kirsty sadly lost her life. We are so proud of Kirsty’s brave actions which demonstrate how selfless, caring and heroic she was, not only on that night, but throughout all of her life. Kirsty – we love you and we will miss you dearly.

“We will not be making any further comments on this tragedy and ask everyone, especially the media, to give us the privacy we need to grieve away from the public eye.”

Reports said the 28-year-old was a healthcare worker who had lived in London for some time.

Australia's minister for foreign affairs has confirmed that two of its nationals were killed in the attack.

The family of Australian Sara Zelenak, who has not been seen since she was separated from friends on Saturday night, have said she died in the attack. Friends and family have posted tributes to her online, with her father Mark Wallace sharing a video of her, stating: "I really miss that funny little laugh".

Xavier Thomas pictured with his girlfriend Christine Delcros has not been seen since a van rammed into pedestrians on London Bridge on Saturday

Two French citizens are understood to have been killed in the attack.

One man who died has not been publicly identified, though French media have named him as 27-year-old Alexandre Pigeard.

Boro Bistro manager Vincent Le Berre told Brittany news outlet Le Telegramme that Mr Pigeard was attacked by a terrorist the bar during the onslaught.

"I managed to escape him, but my friend Alexandre did not have that chance. He was hit in the neck with a knife," he said.

Mr Pigeard was reportedly from Normandy but had lived in London for over two years.

Candice Hedge, injured victim of London Bridge attack

A 36-year-old French chef Sebastien Belanger has been confirmed dead. He was understood to have also been drinking in the Boro Bistro bar at the time of the attack. French media have reported his family are travelling to London to identify a body which is believed to be his.

The girlfriend of French tourist Xavier Thomas was on the bridge with him when he was apparently struck by the van, and was seriously injured herself.

France’s foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian seven other French nationals were among the victims taken to hospital following the attack. Four of them are in a serious condition.

Ignacio Echeverria, a 39-year-old banker, is still missing after he attempted to help an injured woman in Borough market, according to an account given by a friend to his father Joaquin Echverria.

Four police officers were wounded in the attack. Scotland Yard said an off-duty Metropolitan Police officer and a British Transport Police (BTP) officer were in hospital with serious injuries, but neither is believed to be in a life-threatening condition.

Geoff Ho was injured after he tried to defend his friend from the terrorists

The unnamed BTP officer was reportedly one of the first responders to the scene and received stab wounds to his face, head and leg after attempting to take the terrorists on while armed with nothing but a baton.

The off-duty Met police officer was stabbed as he rugby-tackled one of the terrorists in an attempt to overpower them during the attack.

Daniel O’Neill had been at a pub with his girlfriend when he was stabbed by one of the attackers.

His mother Elizabeth said her 23-year-old son has a seven-inch wound running from his belly to his back after one of the attackers said: “This is for my family, this is for Islam,” and stabbed him.

Australia’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says four of the country’s citizens were injured in the attacks, two of whom the government has “very real concerns” about.

Two of those injured have been named as Candice Hedge from Brisbane, who was stabbed in the neck, and Andrew Morrison from Darwin, who has received stitches for a wound and was on his way home to Australia.

Ms Hedge, 31, was in a bar with her boyfriend when she was stabbed. She awoke from a coma in hospital, and has received stitches after the knife missed her main arteries and windpipe. She wrote on Facebook that she was in a “bit of pain but I will survive”.

Geoff Ho, the business editor of the Sunday Express, was stabbed in the throat when he tried to help a bouncer who was being attacked. He was placed in intensive care and has undergone surgery for his injuries.

"Don't know whether it was stupid or noble to jump in and break up the fight outside the Southwark Tavern, but two a*******s trying to do over the lone bouncer on the door isn't happening on my watch,” he wrote on Facebook.

Oliver Dowling, 32, from New Zealand, is reportedly in a coma after being stabbed multiple times in the attack. He is understood to have been stabbed in the face, neck and stomach, and underwent four hours of surgery for his injuries.

Mr Dowling’s girlfriend, Marie Bondeville, was also reportedly hurt.

Spain’s foreign ministry confirmed that one of its citizens was injured on Saturday night and said the victim’s wounds had been described as not serious.

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