Tip of the iceberg: Spate of high-profile violent crimes against women are ‘reminder’ of bigger problem

‘We must be constantly aware of the need to do more and not just look at legislation to solve problems,’ Caroline Nokes tells The Independent

Maya Oppenheim
Women’s Correspondent
Tuesday 14 February 2023 16:37 GMT
Epsom College headteacher found dead in school with husband and daughter

The recent wave of high-profile crimes against women is a stark reminder of the hidden victims who are subjected to male violence “every day”, campaigners and politicians have warned.

From the crimes committed by former Metropolitan police officer David Carrick to the murder of a headteacher in Epsom, a spate of stories about women being beaten, abused, humiliated, raped or killed - usually at the hands of men - have dominated the news cycle in recent months.

Women’s groups have warned that these stories are just the “tip of the iceberg”. Tory MP Caroline Nokes, who is chair of the women and equalities committee, told The Independent that, while these “horrific” stories are making the headlines, the majority of abuse “goes unreported”.

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