Delivery driver gets 78 points on licence as speed camera catches him 26 times in three months

He only received the fines when he updated DVLA records for his Citroen Berlingo

Ella Glover
Saturday 03 July 2021 01:30
<p>Phillip Dodd was caught by the same set of speed cameras on a stretch of the M62</p>

Phillip Dodd was caught by the same set of speed cameras on a stretch of the M62

A former delivery driver has collected £520 in fines and 78 points on his driving licence after 26 speeding offences in three months.

Phillip Dodd, from Manchester, was caught by the same set of temporary speed cameras on the M62 near Warrington.

The speed limit in the area was 50mph up until January 2021. Mr Dodd was caught driving at between 56mph and 63mph between April and July 2020.

In one week he was caught four times and on another occasion, he was flashed twice on the same day.

He did not receive a Notice of Intended Prosecutions (NIP) from the police because he had not yet registered the van he was driving under his name.

When Mr Dodd, who has early-stage Parkinson’s disease, moved in with his partner and registered the Citroen Berlingo with the Swansea DVLA, he received 26 separate NIP tickets.

He admitted 26 charges of speeding but told Tameside magistrates court that he was not a dangerous driver.

“I have no previous speeding convictions and I’ve worked out my average speed when I was caught was 56.76 mph,” Mr Dodd told the court.

“The van wasn’t in my name and that’s why I kept on getting tickets and not knowing I was getting them.”

Mr Dodd was given 78 points on his licence and banned from driving for six months, though it is thought the points will drop off his licence at the end of his disqualification, The Daily Mail reported.

He was also fined a total of £520 — £20 for each speeding offence — and was ordered to pay £142 in costs and surcharges.

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