UK weather forecast: Dense fog engulfs parts of Britain as temperatures plummet to freezing

Temperatures will remain cool throughout Friday, climbing to 13C in southern parts of England.

Joe Middleton
Friday 06 November 2020 11:05
UK weather: The latest Met Office forecast

Dense fog has engulfed parts of country as Britons woke up to yet another chilly morning, with temperatures plummeting to freezing.

The Met Office has issued two weather warnings urging drivers to be careful as they make their way to work.

Overnight into Friday temperatures were below freezing in some rural areas as this week’s big freeze continued and the country moves in winter.

The fog will clear as the day progresses and make way for sunshine heading into the weekend, with some spots of cloud and light drizzle in north Scotland.

Temperatures will remain cool throughout the day, climbing to 13C in southern parts of England.

As we move into Friday evening a light breeze starting in the afternoon will bring cloud cover across the country, with the possibility of some light showers.

It will be a frosty start to Saturday for the north of England with temperatures at 1-2C, and a few fog patches dotted around the country.

But as the day progresses there will be plenty of sunshine to brighten up the first weekend in England’s second national Covid-19 lockdown.

The day will feel milder than Friday with top temperatures hitting 15C in parts of the country.

On Sunday the wind will pick up, and more cloud will cover the country meaning a higher chance we could see some rain.

The patchy rain and cloud is likely to move into the early part of next week, with some sunny areas at higher ground.

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