UK weather: ‘Significant’ strong winds warned as temperature drop brings frost

‘It will certainly feel more like autumn,’ Met Office meteorologists warn

Thomas Kingsley
Saturday 24 September 2022 17:19 BST
<p>Frosty weather expected early next week as temperature plumments </p>

Frosty weather expected early next week as temperature plumments

The UK is predicted to experience the first “significant” strong winds of the season with temperatures set to plummet.

Towards the end of the weekend and into next week, temperatures are forecasted to drop to single digits, the Met Office has said, warning that it will begin to feel “colder and windier”.

“It will certainly feel more like autumn in most places,” Met Office meteorologist Tom Morgan said.

“To the west of the UK, a large area of high pressure is expected but this cold front will sink its way southward through Sunday night and that will introduce much colder northerly winds for Monday and Tuesday and it will certainly feel more like autumn with temperatures feeling like they’re more in single figures by the time we get to Tuesday.”

The forecast could mark a shift away from warmer weather, the last of which could be seen this weekend. The Met Office said much of the UK would remain mostly dry and sunny on Saturday and early Sunday with a high of 18-19C in the south-east before chillier weather begins.

“We will see temperatures dip quite low tonight so it will be a chilly night for most with the odd shallow mist patch in places but temperatures will certainly be low enough to give a touch of grass frost, particularly further north,” Mr Moragn added.

Temperatures on Tuesday are expected to fall again, with England seeing an average of 11C or 12C, while Wales and Northern Ireland could see 12C on average.

Scotland will see a slight increase in temperatures that day, with a maximum of 11C.

Alex Burkill, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “We've got a cold front that is pushing its way southwards as we go through to tomorrow, more so later tomorrow and into Monday.

Temperatures are set to drop over the next week with frost in some areas (Ben Birchall/PA)

“It will bring some rain and some strong winds, probably the first significant strong winds of the season so far, particularly for Scotland, but the bigger talking point being the cold air that's going to come down from the north behind it. So, temperatures are going to take a bit of a drop.”

Monday is predicted to have a rainy start for the southern parts of England and northern parts of Scotland, with the south and central England becoming cloudy with sunny spells as the day progresses.

Wales, Northern Ireland and the rest of England and Scotland are expected to remain cloudy for the day.

Tuesday is set to be cloudy and overcast for the whole of the UK, with some sunny spells in the late morning and early afternoon across the east and north-east parts of Scotland and England.

UK five-day weather forecast

Saturday night:

Some showers near eastern coasts and in the far northwest later but dry for most with clear periods. Turning chilly inland with possible rural grass frost and isolated fog patches forming, mainly in river valleys.


Central and southern parts dry with sunny spells. Northern parts clouding over with a few showers, then turning wet and windy across northern Scotland with gales in the far north.

Monday to Wednesday:

A band of rain will clear quickly south early on Monday; cooler, showery weather follows. Showers or some longer spells of rain for most, Tuesday and Wednesday with cool temperatures.

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