Alex Salmond says Brexit will lead to second Scottish independence referendum

'If Scotland has voted Remain, then I believe it would, yes'

Shaun Connolly
Wednesday 15 June 2016 07:55 BST

Brexit would trigger a new Scottish independence referendum, former SNP leader Alex Salmond has insisted.

The comments appear in contrast to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's stance that she is only interested in campaigning for a Remain vote and will not speculate on possible political repercussions of Brexit.

Asked if Brexit would lead to a second independence referendum, Mr Salmond said: "If Scotland has voted Remain, then I believe it would, yes."

Speaking at a Daily Telegraph/Huffington Post online debate, Mr Salmond then quoted the SNP manifesto for last month's Holyrood elections which stated that the parliament should have the right to hold a new referendum if a UK poll saw Scotland taken out of the EU "against her will".

"You don't know the result of a referendum in advance, but what we do know is that the SNP stood on that manifesto in last month's election and got 47% of the vote in Scotland.

"Now, this referendum we are having just now was held by David Cameron on a mandate of 37% of the vote.

"So, it would have to go through the Scottish Parliament. It would have to be a Remain vote in Scotland, accompanying a Brexit elsewhere, but under these circumstances, the answer to your question is yes," Mr Salmond said.

Former London mayor and prominent Leave campaigner Boris Johnson insisted Scottish independence, like the EU vote, should be a "once in a generation" referendum event.

"I think that Alex needs to have a word with the First Minister of Scotland, I don't know what his authority is over Nicola Sturgeon.

"She was very interesting on that point the other night. Nicola was given the opportunity, really repeatedly, to say what Alex has just said and she refused.

"And I think that is because she realises there is no appetite in Scotland, whatsoever, for a new referendum. People have voted on it.

"Politicians are paid to take important decisions, they should not regularly remit fundamental questions to people in this way," Mr Johnson said.

In reply to being asked what authority he had over Ms Sturgeon, Mr Salmond replied: "None".

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