Brexit: Theresa May clashes with Yvette Cooper MP over new EU immigration plans

'When we feel it is appropriate to give any indications of those details then we will do so,' says Prime Minister

Joe Watts
Political Editor
Tuesday 20 December 2016 17:58 GMT
Yvette Cooper interrogates Theresa May over immigration policy

Theresa May could withhold details of how she will deal with EU migration post-Brexit when she publishes her plan for future arrangements next year, it has emerged.

In a tense exchange with Labour's Yvette Cooper, the Prime Minister repeatedly refused to say when she would set out new migration controls to be placed on EU citizens after the UK leaves the bloc.

It comes after Brexit Secretary David Davis told a committee hearing earlier this week that immigration controls will not feature in the UK's negotiations with Brussels.

Asked at a session of the Liaison Committee whether Ms May will set out controls as part of a plan she has pledged to publish in the run up to triggering Article 50, the Prime Minister said: "We are working on our proposals for immigration, there are a number of ways in which we can address the issue.

"When we feel it is appropriate to give any indications of those details then we will do so."

The Prime Minister repeated the answer when asked by Ms Cooper, who also chairs the Home Affairs Committee, if that means details of new controls may not come as part of Ms May's plan.

Ms May then did not challenge Ms Cooper when she said she would assume, in that case, that details of migration controls would not be published with the plan.

Net migration into the UK is currently running above 300,000, with much of the figure coming from the European Union. Ms May has maintained the promise to bring the overall number down to the 'tens of thousands'.

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