Gordon Brown: Six moments the former PM would rather forget

The former PM had his fare share of PR gaffes

Heather Saul@heatheranne9
Monday 01 December 2014 15:49

Like many politicians before (and after) him, Gordon Brown has had his fair share of PR gaffes. And as a former Prime Minister who resigned after presiding over three years of deep recession, Mr Brown has arguably had more than most.

Here are some moments the Labour MP would probably much rather forget.

Calling voter Gillian Duffy a "bigoted women"

Mr Brown was forced to personally apologise after being heard calling a 66-year-old voter a “bigoted woman” while still wearing a microphone during a campaign trip in Rochdale.

Pensioner Gillian Duffy had challenged Mr Brown on a series of issues ranging from benefits to immigration.

"That was a disaster...should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that," he could be heard saying as he got into his car.

"Just ridiculous," he added, before being asked what Mrs Duffy has said.

"Everything, she was just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to be Labour."

THAT smile

Gordon Brown decided to announce huge cuts to MPs allowances via YouTube, even cracking a smile as he did so.

Unfortunately for Mr Brown, his somewhat pained smile drew ridicule from across the country. Things only got worse when former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott stepped in to defend his pal by telling the media that Mr Brown has "the worst bloody smile in the world."

Watch the video that launched a thousand parodies here.

The door incident

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah were pictured walking through an NHS health centre near Leeds. The photo call was another disaster, when Labour party officials were pictured on the floor holding the door open as Mr Brown swept through.

When he momentarily forgot he was Prime Minister

The Prime Minister was called to make a statement in the House of Commons in 2009, at which point Mr Brown went to walk out. Laughter ensued.

When he failed to name a single Arctic Monkey's song

Brown surprised everyone after he reportedly declared himself a fan of the Sheffield-based group. When asked what his favourite track was, he feebly answered: "Well, I mean, I have got them. But they are very loud."

He later clarified his comments to stress that he had only said the Arctic Monkeys "wake him up in the morning". Skip to 3.10 here.

When Brown saved the world

Remember when Mr Brown saved the the world? No, neither do we, and neither did the House of Commons judging by the roar his slip of the tongue was met with.

The Prime Minster was attempting to defend his bank rescue scheme when he accidentally said "we saved the world" instead "we saved the banks". Instead of trying to laugh it off, Mr Brown repeatedly attempted to make himself heard, to no avail.

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