Labour slashes Conservative lead by nine points in latest poll after manifesto launches

Survey suggests policy announcements behind the shift

Jon Sharman
Monday 22 May 2017 09:25
General Election round-up: May 21

Labour has slashed the Conservatives' lead by nine points in the latest opinion poll following the main parties' manifesto launches.

The Tories' lead in vote share has halved compared to a week ago, according to Survation, with Theresa May's party on 43 and Labour on 34.

The poll of 1,034 adults was taken over 19 and 20 May and showed people were more likely to say Labour had the best policies for older people and the NHS.

Jeremy Corbyn's party was also thought to be stronger on education and families with young children, while people said the Tories had better policies for managing the economy, securing a Brexit deal and making them better off financially.

A YouGov poll at the weekend also appeared to show Labour narrowing the gap with Ms May's Conservatives.

The company had Labour on 35 per cent, their highest of the campaign so far, with the Tories on 44 per cent.

Survation said: "Whilst still showing a sizeable Conservative lead, the change, which is outside the standard 'margin of error', has also been observed by some other polls in the last week.

"With manifestos now officially launched and party policies openly discussed in the media, it is possible that these are having some effect on voting intentions."

Mr Corbyn has been eyeing the so-called grey vote after Ms May announced controversial social care and pensions policies in her manifesto.

Under the Conservatives the £300 winter fuel allowance would also be means-tested.

Mr Corbyn has accused Ms May of creating a "war between the generations" and of planning an "an attack" on old age pensioners if she wins the election on 8 June.

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