Nigel Farage: I will emigrate if Brexit is a disaster

But the former Ukip leader told a caller to his LBC radio show that he didn't think it was going to be one 

Tom Peck
Tuesday 28 March 2017 11:58
Nigel Farage: I'll emigrate if Brexit doesn't go to plan

Nigel Farage has said he will “go and live abroad" if Brexit is a disaster.

The four-time UKIP leader made the declaration to listeners to his LBC radio show on Monday night. But he added: “It isn’t going to be a disaster. We’ve just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic. The EU does not work.”

A Remain-supporting caller asked him if he would apologise and quit politics if Brexit did become the “economic disaster" that has been predicted.

Mr Farage told him: "There isn’t much of a tradition [of apologising] here" and then blamed Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell for not apologising over the Iraq war.

Mr Farage and Mr Campbell, now editor at pro-Remain newspaper The New European, had a heated row on the Good Morning Britain sofa on Monday morning. Mr Campbell argued that the people of Britain are "changing their mind" over Brexit.

Farage responded by saying: "The war is over. Come out of that foxhole, recognise it's done. But you're right about one thing – people do have the right to change their minds and they are in a big, big way.

"The last opinion polling I saw said if there was a referendum tomorrow 68% would vote to leave. And millions of people have realised the pack of lies that were told, that our house prices would collapse... the stock market is through the roof."

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