Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says Russell Brand is being accused of rape because he’s ‘fighting globalists’

The right-wing conspiracy theorist said, ‘I’ve never seen women throw themselves at anyone like with him’

Kelly Rissman
Monday 18 September 2023 05:22 BST

Daniel Sloss on Russell Brand in Dispatches documentary

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones defended Russell Brand from rape and sexual assault allegations — by saying the comedian is being targeted because he’s “come out against globalists”.

Jones said he’s been friends with Brand for six years in a video recorded at an airport and circulated on social media on Sunday, a day after stunning allegations emerged against Brand.

“I’ve never seen women throw themselves at anyone like with him,” Jones said, comparing women throwing their “panties” at Elvis.

“It’s like that,” he said, adding that it was “literally women jumping at us.”

“No one ever accused him, for the last 15 years, of assault because they say he’s such a big sweetheart.”

Jones claimed - without any evidence - that “suddenly allegations are happening” to Brand because he has “come out against Big Pharma” and “the globalists”.

The allegations were revealed in a joint investigation released by British media outlets The Times, The Sunday Times and Channel 4 on Saturday (16 September). The report accused Brand of sexually assaulting four women between 2006 and 2013 - including a 16-year-old girl. Others have accused Brand of predatory and abusive behaviour.

The comedian says he “absolutely refutes” the allegations and said his relationships were “absolutely, always consensual.”

The BBC has said it has started to investigate the “serious allegations” about Mr Brand, who was a presenter for BBC Radio 2 and Channel 4 during that period.

Mr Brand has repeatedly posted his complaints about big Pharma for several years, but the connection that Mr Jones is asserting between the actor’s views and the allegations against him is less than clear.

Last year, Mr Jones was found guilty of defaming the families after suggesting the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax and accusing the families of being actors; he owes the families $1.5bn.

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