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Eight-year-old girl’s lemonade stand is shut down by police because she didn’t have a permit

Although her business proved successful as customers couldn’t have enough of her delicious lemonade, organizers filed a complaint to shut down Asa Baker’s stand

Andrea Blanco
Monday 15 August 2022 20:14 BST
Rochester 5-year-old’s lemonade stand raises money for community food bank

A little girl’s lemonade stand was shut down by Ohio police because she didn’t have a vendor’s permit.

Eight-year-old Asa Baker takes her business very seriously. That is why the young entrepreneur decided to bring her lemonade to the Alliance’s Rib and Food Festival last week, local Fox8 reported.

Although the business proved successful as attendees at the festival couldn’t have enough of Asa’s delicious pink and traditional lemonade and variety of snacks, organisers filed a complaint that ultimately had to be enforced by Alliance Police officers.

“Well, they were really sad that they had to shut me down but they gave me $20 to try and pay for [the permit],” Asa told Fox8.

Asa’s hardworking spirit moved locals who raised funds to help her continue with her venture and recover her losses. A local business owner was so impressed by Asa’s outlook that he allowed her to relocate her stand in front of his store.

Asa told Fox8 an officer gave her $20 to help pay for the permit (Katrina Moore/Facebook )

Lieutenant Don Wense said the officers were put in a tough position as they had to enforce the complaint once it was made.

Asa’s mother, Katrina Moore, also told Fox8 that she was understanding of the situation and could tell the officer was torn when he had to shut down Asa’s colourful stand.

“I could definitely tell he did not want to shut her down, but, I mean, you get a call, he has to do it. He definitely did the right thing, you know, in the situation he was put in,” Ms Moore told the outlet.

Ms Moore took to Facebook to post to show appreciation to the officer who had chosen to be kinder amid the difficult task.

“You know, as unfortunate as it was, I still was very grateful that he was at least able to give her $20,” she told Fox8.

The post was met with sympathy from Alliance residents who praised Asa for her business mentality.

After reading the post, Black Sales Liquidation owner Eric Strata decided to set up a tip jar for Asa inside his downtown business.

A local business owner was impressed by Asa’s business mentality and allowed her to set up her stand outside his store (Katrina Moore/Facebook )

“I don’t know a lot of eight-year-olds with motivation like that. I know when I was eight years old I was video gaming it up and I was inside on the couch watching Saturday morning cartoons,” Mr Strata told Fox8.

“I was not doing a lemonade stand trying to make my own money.”

Within hours the tip jar was full. Mr Strata then decided to give Asa the chance to relocate her stand outside of his business, where she has had a major turnout from people seeking to indulge in her now town-famous lemonade.

Mr Moore said purchasing a business vendor was not an option because it cost $40 for five days.

It is unclear whether the business girl acquired any other type of permit. The Independent has reached out to Ms Moore for comment.

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