Gabby Petito mother ‘angry’ after listening to 911 call where witness described her daughter being slapped

Moab police under investigation for their handling of 911 call

Bevan Hurley
In New York
Wednesday 06 October 2021 20:50
'Turn yourself in': Gabby Petito's parents call for Brian Laundrie to come forward
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Gabby Petito’s mother has described the moment she first heard a 911 call in which an eyewitness describes seeing Brian Laundrie slap her daughter days before her disappearance.

Nichole Schmidt told Dr Phil she was angered and confused as to why more wasn’t done to help her daughter when police stopped the couple’s van near Moab, Utah, on 12 August.

“I was angry, because it didn’t make any sense,” Ms Schmidt said.

Bodycam footage shows Ms Petito telling officers how Mr Laundrie repeatedly told her to “shut up” and then grabbed her by the face, leaving her with scratches on her cheeks.

A tearful Ms Petito said she had instigated the fight, and the couple were separated for the night before being reunited the next day.

In the interview with Dr Phil, which screened on CBS Wednesday afternoon, Ms Petito’s father Joe Petito said he had been too upset to listen to the full tape.

“I didn’t listen to the whole call, I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.”

Ms Schmidt added that as distressing as the footage was to watch, she was glad the world got to see her daughter.

“I think it was a blessing to see that she was a real human being and she was in pain.

“She died doing what she loved to do. She was out there camping in nature. I’m glad she got to do that.”

The Moab City Police Department police chief has taken a leave of absence and the office are under investigation for their handling of the incident.

Ms Petito’s remains were found in the Bridger-Teton National Park in Wyoming on 19 September.