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Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Anger as judge who banned word ‘victims’ lets witness call protesters ‘antifa’

Nathan Place
New York
Friday 12 November 2021 01:56 GMT
Kyle Rittenhouse stands by self-defence plea during murder trial

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


The trial of accused killer Kyle Rittenhouse resumed Thursday morning after an especially chaotic day in court.

Today the defence plans to introduce a number of new witnesses, including a doctor and a police officer.

Mr Rittenhouse, 18, has been charged with homicide in the deaths of two men he shot during a night of protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year – Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26. He also shot a third man, Gauge Grosskreutz, who was wounded but survived.

Yesterday, Mr Rittenhouse broke down crying during emotional testimony in which he insisted he acted in self-defense and “didn’t do anything wrong.”

In another dramatic moment, his lawyers motioned to declare a mistrial, citing “prosecutorial misconduct.” The defence accused prosecutors of violating Mr Rittenhouse’s rights by mentioning his silence in the wake of the 25 August 2020 shootings and by referencing a video that was previously deemed inadmissible.

If the motion is granted, Mr Rittenhouse cannot be tried again for the same crimes.

If Mr Rittenhouse is convicted, he could face life in prison.


Judge expects trial to finish by Monday or Tuesday

Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is overseeing the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, told jurors at the end of Wednesday that he expects the proceedings to wrap up early next week.

“I have just discussed the matter with the lawyers, and I’m very confident that we will finish by Tuesday as I asked you about a couple of weeks ago,” Judge Schroeder said. “And there is a bare chance, I don’t want to get your hopes up, but there is a chance we can finish on Monday. And that’s the best of my information. It isn’t a promise, but I think that’s very realistic.”

(Getty Images)
Nathan Place11 November 2021 14:53

Here’s what Rittenhouse said in his testimony

Kyle Rittenhouse delivered emotional testimony on the stand on Wednesday, at times breaking down into tears. If you missed it, here’s a breakdown of what he said:

A look at key points in Kyle Rittenhouse's testimony

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand in his murder trial, acknowledging he used deadly force when he shot three people during a protest against police brutality in Wisconsin year

Nathan Place11 November 2021 15:15

Trial resumes, defense says it will call three witnesses

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse resumed at about 10am on Thursday. The defence said it will call three witnesses, starting with an expert named Dr John Black, but has not yet explained what his testimony will discuss.

Nathan Place11 November 2021 15:21

Judge calls first witness, use-of-force expert John Black

Judge Bruce Schroeder has called in the jury, and the defence has called its first witness: John Black, a former sergeant in the US military and use-of-force expert. Mr Rittenhouse’s lawyers are currently questioning him about his experience examining videos.

Nathan Place11 November 2021 15:41

Watch live video of the trial

Day 8 of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is underway. You can watch it live here:

Nathan Place11 November 2021 15:53

Sparks fly over scope of witness’s testimony

The defence and prosecutors are wrangling over the scope of Dr John Black’s testimony, with the disagreement growing increasingly heated.

The prosecutor, Thomas Binger, says Judge Bruce Schroeder signed an order limiting Dr Black’s testimony to the timing of Mr Rittenhouse’s gunshots, but the defence is arguing he should be allowed to go beyond that. In making his case, Mr Binger brought up the scolding he took from Judge Schroeder on Wednesday.

“I have to say, your honor, yesterday I was the target of your ire for disregarding your orders,” Mr Binger said. “Today the defense is disregarding your order.”

Defence lawyers and prosecutors argue over the scope of testimony from use-of-force expert Dr John Black
Defence lawyers and prosecutors argue over the scope of testimony from use-of-force expert Dr John Black (The Independent)
Nathan Place11 November 2021 16:16

Here’s what Judge Schroeder angrily told prosecutors yesterday

Today prosecutors have accused Judge Bruce Schroeder of a double standard when it comes to violating his orders – offering leniency to the defence, they say, while angrily upbraiding the prosecution.

“I have to say, your honor, yesterday I was the target of your ire for disregarding your orders,” prosecutor Thomas Binger told the judge. “Today the defense is disregarding your order.”

For context, here’s the tongue-lashing that Mr Binger is referring to:

Kyle Rittenhouse defence calls for mistrial as chaotic court erupts in shouting

Judge assails prosecutors as teenager takes the stand in double homicide trial

Nathan Place11 November 2021 16:30

Judge got days confused and now hopes to finish trial tomorrow, report says

According to Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy St Clair, Judge Bruce Schroeder now hopes to finish the trial tomorrow – because he’d previously gotten the days of the week mixed up.

“Judge is on the bench for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial,” Ms St Clair tweeted. “Judge thought yesterday was Thursday, so he says plans for closings on Monday maybe scrapped. He says he’d like to see the case wrapped up tomorrow.”

Nathan Place11 November 2021 16:44

Defence witness resumes testimony

The defence’s first witness for today, Dr John Black, is speaking again after a disagreement over the scope of his testimony.

Dr Black, a use-of-force expert and former sergeant in the US military, is now explaining video footage of the night of the shootings in minute detail.

Nathan Place11 November 2021 17:00

Defence finishes questioning video expert

The defence has finished questioning its first witness, Dr John Black.

Dr Black outlined – in minute detail – the gaps in time between Kyle Rittenhouse’s gunshots. He also discussed the limitations of video footage for capturing human experience.

“Video has great value, but it is not the experience or the perception of the people involved in the event,” Dr Black said. “It can’t be.”

Nathan Place11 November 2021 17:19

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