Donald Trump's team 'having meetings in the dark as they can't find right light switch in White House'

The President is also reportedly  obsessed with TV coverage and decorating 

Will Worley
Monday 06 February 2017 15:49 GMT
Donald Trump's strangest moments as president

Donald Trump’s team cannot find the light switches to the cabinet room in which they conduct their meetings, and have to speak in the dark and feel their way out of the room, according to a report that sheds interesting detail on life inside the White House.

The claim has, inevitably, provoked mockery from those close to the previous administration. Pete Souza, photographer to Barack Obama, said on Twitter: “The light switch is on the wall right by the door.”

And Ronald Klain, aide to former Vice President Joe Biden, tweeted: “Remember the memes about VP Biden leaving a stumper for Trump? Well, light switch for the cabinet room was by the door last time I saw it.”

The unusual way of working was reported by the New York Times, which has spoken to dozens of White House insiders to paint a picture of a President who has apparently shown little change in behaviour since his campaign.

Aside from difficulties with the electrics, Mr Trump is apparently missing the validation from his cheering supporters on the campaign trail and has become disappointed with a tide of bad publicity following the implementation of his travel ban.

The Super Bowl ad that was censored because of Trump

The President’s consumption of TV news – in his dressing gown or over dinner - also emerged as a key trait of Mr Trump.

He also routinely goes through new clips about himself with his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, outlining in marker pen stories he doesn’t like.

As his immediate family remain in New York, Mr Trump is often by himself when not working and the only family photo on his desk is reportedly a portrait of his venerated father, Frederick Christ Trump.

He is also reputed to have little patience for detailed policy documents.

This lack of interest in legislation cost him after the bitter blowback from the travel ban – interpreted by many people to be a Muslim ban – which he was not involved in drafting.

He also seemingly wasn't fully briefed on the executive order he signed that elevated Steve Bannon to the National Security Council.

Mr Trump has now ordered that he should be involved in developing executive orders earlier in the process.

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