Donald Trump supporters express regret over their vote: 'He seems lost'

'I'm disgusted by your flip on prosecuting Clinton. I shouldn't have voted for you'

Tom Embury-Dennis
Thursday 08 December 2016 19:43
The 70-year-old has disavowed his alt-right and neo-Nazi supporters
The 70-year-old has disavowed his alt-right and neo-Nazi supporters

People who voted for Donald Trump have expressed regret over their decision.

The billionaire beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the November election to become President-elect.

But a number of U-turns on everything from promising to prosecute Ms Clinton, to a pledge to build an “impenetrable and beautiful” wall across the border with Mexico, have left some supporters furious.

A number of users took to Twitter to vent their anger.

Mr Trump performed a number of U-turns within days of winning the election, including rowing back on his proposed ban on Muslims entering the US, and repealing Obamacare.

In November, the 70-year-old disavowed his alt-right and neo-Nazi supporters, despite being hailed as a champion of the far-right.

After repeatedly encouraging "Lock her up!" chants during his campaign rallies, Mr Trump sparked a fierce backlash when he admitted it was "just not something that I feel very strongly about".

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Members of a Reddit thread titled "Hillary For Prison" were left particularly enraged.

In a spectacular U-turn on his biggest U-turn, Mr Trump has appointed a climate change denier as his environmental chief, just weeks after admitting there was "some connectivity" between humans and global warming.

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