Ezra Miller: Tokata Iron Eyes denies The Flash actor is abusing her

Indigenous activist, 18, says claims about Miller are ‘a disgusting and irresponsible smear campaign’

Bevan Hurley
Monday 08 August 2022 17:59 BST
Actor Ezra Miller threatens to kill KKK members in cryptic Instagram message
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Tokata Iron Eyes has denied that she is being abused or groomed by Ezra Miller.

The 18-year-old indigenous activist told Insider that allegations her life was in danger were “a disgusting and irresponsible smear campaign” against The Flash actor.

Ms Iron Eyes’ parents Sarah Jumping Eagle and Chase Iron Eyes have accused Miller of using violence and drugs to maintain a “cult-like” grip over their daughter.

They accuse the actor of grooming her from the age of 12 after getting to know the family during the Standing Rock pipeline protests in 2016.

In court documents, they allege Miller confiscated her phone and left her with bruises, and are pursuing a protective order to force the actor to cease all contact.

“They’re on a downward spiral right now,” Mr Iron Eyes told The Independent last month. “I’ve seen this type of trainwreck before, I know where it ends.”

Ms Iron Eyes, who is non-binary and also uses the name Gibson, has denied many of her parent’s claims in posts to her Instagram account.

The most recent post from 7 July states: “There are countless missing and murdered indigenous peoples, I am not one them.”

Tokata Iron Eyes was a prominent environmental activist prior to her involvement with Ezra Miller (Courtesy of Sara Jumping Eagle)
Sara Jumping Eagle and Chase Iron Eyes say their daughter is being controlled by Ezra Miller (Courtesy of Sara Jumping Eagle)
Ezra Miller in an arrest photo from Hawaii in April (AP)

In texts to Insider, she said Ezra Miller had often “done the right thing and stood in protection of others.” 

She said she had “microdosed” LSD at Miller’s Vermont farm in January but denied she had been incapacitated through chronic drug use as her parent’s allege in court documents and in an interview with The Independent.

Miller, 29, has been linked to a series of disturbing incidents involving firearms, drugs and allegations of violence in recent months. 

Ms Iron Eyes confirmed reports that Miller had started wearing a bullet proof vest as he travels around the US.

She told Insider the vest was “a fashionable safety measure in response to actual attacks and received death threats”.

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