Fedex driver kills venomous rattlesnake balled up on customer’s porch: ‘Sorry about the blood’

The homeowner called on FedEx to name the driver its employee of the year

Graig Graziosi
Wednesday 23 August 2023 16:21 BST

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A FedEx driver in Nebraska performed an off-menu service for a customer when he killed a rattlesnake coiled up outside her front door.

Footage from a Ring camera actually caught a glimpse of the snake as it poked its head up over the woman's front stairs before continuing onward toward the front corner of the house.

A short time later, FedEx driver Matt Govier arrived to drop off a package. As he neared the house with his box he began to hear rattling from the agitated snake.

Initially unsure of where the snake was located, Mr Govier leapt up onto the woman's front landing steps. He then grabbed a rake and shovel from the house.

He managed to get the snake wrapped around the rake, which allowed him to carry the animal to the home's front lawn, where he then killed it with a shovel.

The FedEx driver texted the woman living at the house to let her know what happened and to apologise for the mess.

"I hope you didn't have a pet rattlesnake at your front door because I killed him. Sorry about the blood," the text said.

Christine Jones, the homeowner, said she was glad that Mr Govier removed the dangerous snake. She shared her experience in a Facebook post and called for the driver to be named FedEx's employee of the year.

A rattlesnake makes an appearance on a woman’s ring camera as it approaches her home in Nebraska. The snake was eventually killed by a FedEx driver

Ms Jones mentioned that her 12-year-old daughter had been outside just 20 minutes before the driver's interaction with the snake, and mentioned that she harboured a deep fear of snakes.

“Thank you, Matt, very much!” Ms Jones told NTV. “We’re very thankful that you took care of business here."

The snake was likely a prairie rattlesnake, which are common throughout North America and can grow up to 5 feet long.

The animal was likely seeking out shade to help regulate its body temperature, which it unfortunately found near the corner of Ms Jones' home.

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