Missing Sebastian Rogers’ mother believes someone has her son

Katie Proudfoot and her husband Chris said they had been cleared of any wrongdoing

Dan Gooding
Monday 25 March 2024 22:11 GMT
Parents of missing teen Sebastian Rogers speak out

The mother of an autistic boy missing in Tennessee says she believes someone must have her son, after four weeks of searching.

Katie Proudfoot told Crime Stories with Nancy Grace that she couldn’t understand how Sebastian Rogers, who is 15, couldn’t have been found yet otherwise.

“I feel like if he had been close to the house, or had walked off, that we would have found him by now with as many people as have been searching,” Ms Proudfoot told the podcast on Monday.

Sebastian’s mom and stepfather Chris Proudfoot were grilled by Nancy Grace, who asked them to clarify their whereabouts the night Sebastian disappeared in Hendersonville.

(Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

Ms Proudfoot said she had heard a noise from Sebastian’s room around an hour after he went to bed on 25 February.

“A thud,” she clarified in the interview, saying she had called out to her son, who replied, and she told him to get to sleep.

That was the last time she heard her son, she said. Mr Proudfoot, meanwhile, was away for work on a construction site.

When Ms Proudfoot woke up on 26 February, Sebastian was gone. She called her husband, who then called the police and a weeks-long search began.

The couple have since left their home, with Mr Proudfoot telling Nancy Grace that he was heading back to work and his wife was accompanying him.

When asked if they were worried about leaving the area while the search continues, Ms Proudfoot said of course she was.

“My son could be anywhere and we’re looking everywhere and anywhere,” the mother added.

Nancy Grace also brought up questions about the police search, with the couple saying they had been cleared of any wrongdoing and that they had cooperated fully when officers arrived to search their home.

The host also brought up a report of Mr Proudfoot beating Sebastian with a belt, which he said happened “one time” when the boy had lied, around three years ago.

The episode also discussed Sebastian’s autism, with the couple saying that he was not prone to wander and had never left the house on his own until his disappearance.

Also as part of the show, the United Cajun Navy’s Brian Trascher appeared to talk about the group’s involvement in leading the volunteer search efforts for Sebastian.

The 15-year-old has now been missing for a month, with Tennessee’s Bureau of Investigation insisting that law enforcement is continuing to search for Sebastian and follow up on any tips.

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