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Trump’s new nickname for himself sends social media wild

Donald Trump called himself ‘Honest Don’ in a post calling on President Joe Biden to debate him

Amelia Neath
Wednesday 13 March 2024 11:29 GMT
Donald Trump reacts after securing Republican presidential nomination

Donald Trump has once again created a new nickname to add to his roster – but this time, it’s for himself.

The former president called himself “Honest Don” in a recent Truth Social post in which he called on President Joe Biden to have a “full-scale debate” with him.

“For the good of our now failing Nation, and in order to inform the American people of what is going on in our Country, we must immediately have a full-scale debate between Crooked Joe and Honest Don. I’m ready to go, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE!” Mr Trump posted on Tuesday.

Hours later, Mr Trump and Mr Biden both secured enough delegates in the primaries on Tuesday night, to win their party nominations.

Mr Trump won another slate of Republican primaries, pushing him over the threshold of delegates needed to secure the GOP presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden easily secured the Democratic nomination for president after winning his party’s Georgia primary, before also winning Mississippi and Washington.

The former president is now focused on a 2020 election rematch, calling for a “Crooked Joe” vs “Honest Don” debate on his social media platform.

However, the irony of Mr Trump’s self-professed nickname was too much for some X users, who quickly roasted him over the new moniker.

“Trump is the ONLY human on the planet that calls Donald Trump ‘Honest Don,’” One user wrote. “The rest of us know that he’s a lying grifter.”

Many social media users also pointed out the hilarity of “Honest Don,” given an analyst report by The Washington Post in 2021 claimed that Mr Trump had made more than 30,000 false or misleading statements during his four years as president.

The wordsmith has struck again, and this time he’s given himself a new nickname (REUTERS)

“In what could be the most ridiculous, outrageous, fraudulent, dishonest case of branding ever, Trump has now given himself a nickname: ‘Honest Don’,” another wrote.

The nickname left other X users howling and even making some pretty wild comparisons to his new moniker.

“Honest Don is the perfect name for a s***** used car salesman,” one person wrote. 

Another X user chimed in: “Trump calling himself Honest Don is like Jeffrey Dahmer calling himself Vegan Jeff.”

Someone else suggested that “Donny Rotten” would be a more accurate nickname after saying that “we can all think of many names to call Donald Trump. But ‘Honest Don’ would never be one of them”.

“Actually, Honest Don is exactly like Honest Abe, but without the Abe part. And the honest part,” another user said, referring to the nickname for president Abraham Lincoln.

This isn’t the first time that Mr Trump has nicknamed himself, after he previously gave himself a self-epithet of “very stable genius”.

Typically, Mr Trump has handed out nicknames to his political rivals.

Mr Biden has received several from Mr Trump, such as “Sleepy Joe” and “Crooked Joe”. Meanwhile, Mr Trump branded his main Republican rival Nikki Haley “Birdbrain” in several Truth Social tirades and rallies.

He also recently called California Governor Gavin Newsom “New-scum” while speaking about US border policies.

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