Trump’s ‘toe pads’ spark social media firestorm: ‘What an alpha male’

Speculation has erupted over why the former president uses two black rectangular pads under his feet

Kelly Rissman
Thursday 28 December 2023 11:26 GMT
Donald Trump predicts 150m votes in 2024

First there were Ron DeSantis’ alleged heeled boots, now there are Donald Trump’s “toe pads.”

Social media has not taken kindly to the discovery of the two black rectangular pads spotted under the former president’s feet while he was speaking at Mar-a-Lago.

“What is Trump standing on here? How often does he use these?” one account asked in an X post, which included a photo of Mr Trump’s shiny black shoes leaning on the pads.

One user joked, “trump toe pads, desantis’ heels - does the Republican Party have a foot fetish?”

“Counter balances the 3-inch lifts in his shoes since he can no longer hold his own weight,” someone commented.

Another brutally remarked, “Trump needs toe pads to stand up without falling over. What an aLpHa MaLe!”

Yet another wrote, “me leveling my uneven furniture.”

Others posted photos of him leaning forward at press conferences, and is now using toe pads to prevent leaning too far.

One wrote, “He now uses foot pads to prevent himself from tipping over. If Joe Biden did this, Fox News would talk about nothing else.”

Others still speculated that his forward lean could be an indicator of health issues.

“That forward lean is an indicator of Frontotemporal Dementia. Some have thought he was in early stages when he ran in 2016. MAGA candidates relax: it progresses slowly,” a user postulated.

Other users suggested the same diagnosis with photos of the 2024 frontrunner and a list of symptoms, including “poor judgment,” “socially inappropriate behavior,” “loss of empathy” and “problems with balance.”

Another account posted another list of symptoms for Frontotemporal Dementia — but incorporated another rumour circulating about Mr Trump: “a decline in personal hygiene.”

Adam Kinzinger, former Illinois Republican congressman, warned earlier this week that Mr Trump has a nasty odour. “It’s truly something to behold. Wear a mask if you can,” he said.

Earlier this year, comedian Kathy Griffin also remarked on his scent: “Donald has a distinct smell that doesn’t get enough press.”

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