New court filing details allegations of sexual assault by New York Mayor Eric Adams

Mayor has previously denied the allegations, which first emerged late last year

Ariana Baio
New York
Monday 18 March 2024 22:06 GMT
Lawsuit accuses Mayor Adams of sexual assault

A former colleague of New York City Mayor Eric Adams is accusing him of sexually assaulting her after she declined to give him sexual favours in exchange for help with her career, in a new court filing. 

On Monday, the woman accusing Mr Adams of assaulting her in 1993, filed a complaint detailing the alleged interaction between the two while working in the Transit Bureau of the NYPD.

In it, she alleges that she sought help from Mr Adams, who was a leader within the Transit Bureau, to help advance a promotion. She said she went to Mr Adams because he “held himself out to be an advocate for equality and fair treatment of Black employees” but ultimately, she claims, he used her vulnerability to demand sexual favours.

The accuser claims Mr Adams drove her to a vacant parking lot and requested oral sex from her which she refused. He then forcibly pushed her hand onto him which she removed. Eventually, she alleges, Mr Adams masturbated onto her.

“The effects of that sexual assault, betrayal, and astonishing abuse of power, continue to haunt Plaintiff to this day,” the complaint alleges.

The Independent has reached out to Mayor Adams’ office for comment.

Mr Adams did not immediately respond to the accusations laid out in the detailed complaint but has previously denied the allegations, claiming he “does not know” the plaintiff.

Slyvia O Hinds-Radix, New York City’s corporation counsel, said in a statement “While we review the complaint, the mayor fully denies these outrageous allegations and the events described here; we expect full vindication in court. Additionally, in 1993, Eric Adams was one of the most prominent public opponents of the racism within the NYPD, which is why the suit’s allegations that he had any sway over promotions of civilian employees is ludicrous.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (Getty Images)

The initial complaint was first brought forward in December under the Adult Survivors Act, a law signed by Governor Kathy Hochul in 2022 that provided sexual assault survivors a one-year window to pursue litigation on incidents from decades ago.

Just two days before the law expired, the accuser, identified as Lorna Beach-Mathura, filed a notice of claim but did not include detailed allegations.

Monday’s filing is the first time those accusations have been described.

According to the plaintiff, the incident took place while she and Mr Adams were working for the Transit Bureau which later became part of the NYPD in 1995. At the time Mr Adams was a transit officer and a leader in the Guardians Association, a fraternal organisation comprised of Black law enforcement professionals.

She attests that she was “repeatedly passed over for promotions” and given less desirable assignments because she was a Black woman who spoke up to report unethical behaviour.

Seeking advice, she turned to Mr Adams who offered to pick her up from work and drive her home to speak with her about the lack of promotions and poor treatment she says she received. She alleges that Mr Adams took advantage of the situation to ask for sexual favours.

In her complaint, she describes being “sickened” and “outraged” by Mr Adams’ behaviour but fearful of retaliation if she were to report it. She claims she told friends and a former colleague about the incident but declined to report it.

The plaintiff went further in accusing Mr Adams of then having her transferred to a different department where she eventually lost her job due to lay-offs.

Rape Crisis offers support for those affected by rape and sexual abuse. You can call them on 0808 802 9999 in England and Wales, 0808 801 0302 in Scotland, and 0800 0246 991 in Northern Ireland, or visit their website at If you are in the US, you can call Rainn on 800-656-HOPE (4673)

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