Fox News host tells Trump he's 'running out of friends' over feud with Republican Senator Bob Corker

Neil Cavuto warns the President that he cannot 'drain the swamp if all he's doing is throwing mud'

Caroline Mortimer
Thursday 12 October 2017 21:25 BST
Fox News host to Trump 'you're running out of friends'

Donald Trump has been attacked by a Fox News host over his feud with Republican Senator Bob Corker, who warned the President he was “running out of friends”.

Late night host Neil Cavuto criticised the President for his conduct during a row with the Senator over his tax plan, saying his behaviour was “erratic” and adding that he needed Congressional support to get it approved.

Mr Corker is a Republican Senator from Tennessee who told The New York Times that Mr Trump was treating the his presidency like “a reality show” and warned that he could set the country “on the path to World War III”.

Mr Cavuto addressed Mr Trump directly saying: “Last time I checked, you are the President of the United States, so tweeting out these tacky insults just seems beneath you”.

“You are running out of friends faster than you are running out of time. You might not like Bob Corker, but a lot of senators do, and you need those senators, sir”, he warned.

The bickering between the pair began with a Twitter exchange last week when Mr Trump accused Mr Corker of standing down at the next election because he “didn’t have the guts” to run again.

He claimed Mr Corker had asked for his endorsement and when he was refused, he decided to step down. He also said the senator had asked to be Secretary of State but he had refused.

Mr Corker shot back with his own tweets denying Mr Trump’s claims and said: “It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care centre. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

At the end of last month Mr Corker announced that he did not intend to seek reelection in 2018.

After The New York Times article was published Mr Trump poured fuel on the fire by claiming the newspaper had “set up” Mr Corker, who he dubbed “Liddle Bob Corker”, by recording the interview.

The chair of the influential Senate Foreign Affairs Committee is also an influential “fiscal hawk”, which means he was one of several Republicans who advocate for stricter controls on government suspending.

He has previously indicated that he will not support any tax plan which will increase the government deficit.

Mr Trump’s plan, unveiled at the end of September, includes swingeing tax cuts for the rich which will make it hard to balance the budget if he follows through on populist policies such as building a border wall with Mexico.

Mr Cavuto accused the former Apprentice star of “torpedoing” his own tax reform plan and said that while some of his ideas are “sound” his “increasingly erratic behaviour” makes him “wonder whether you are”.

”Loyalty works both ways. You can’t drain that swamp if all you’re doing is throwing mud”, he added.

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