Trump endorses New Hampshire senate candidate who says children are using litter boxes at school

Trump’s endorsement of Mr Bolduc comes just days after he spread a discredited hoax at a candidate forum

Andrew Feinberg
Tuesday 01 November 2022 08:51 GMT
New Hampshire GOP Candidate Still Spreading Long Disproven Litter Boxes in School Hoax

Former president Donald Trump has officially endorsed the New Hampshire GOP senate candidate who recently spread a widely debunked hoax about children being encouraged to relieve themselves in litter boxes at school.

Writing on his little-used Truth Social platform, Mr Trump said Mr Bolduc “has run a great campaign” for the New Hampshire senate seat currently held by Maggie Hassan, and further claimed that the GOP candidate won his party’s nomination because he “was a strong and proud ‘election denier’”.

Mr Trump also noted that Mr Bolduc had walked back some of the lies he’d spread about the conduct of the 2020 election in the Granite State but said the retired Army general had “come back” by spreading false claims about out-of-state voters being bussed in to vote for Democrats on election day.

“Don Bolduc has asked for my Endorsement, and he’s got it, Complete [and] Total,” he said.

The twice-impeached ex-president’s endorsement of Mr Bolduc comes just days after he spread a discredited hoax at a candidate forum.

According to CNN, Mr Bolduc claimed children are being encouraged to identify as cats and other animals at school in the same way some people identify as transgender.

“Guess what? We have furries and fuzzies in classrooms,” he said. “They lick themselves, they’re cats. When they don’t like something, they hiss – people walk down the hallway and jump out”.

Not a single aspect of what he said is in any way true, but Mr Bolduc is not the first Republican candidate for federal office to spread the same lies.

Last month, Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that schools are lowering desks and setting out litter boxes for students who allegedly identify as cats.

“They’re embracing lies, literally embracing lies,” Ms Greene told reporters outside a Trump rally in Pennsylvania. “If some student wants to pretend like a cat and use a litterbox after school, that’s their prerogative, whatever. But no, the school, the school resources and the other students and teachers should not have to be put through that because it’s a lie and we have to reject them”.

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